trine to get along! [#StarsAndSymbols]

In a world where so many feel misunderstood, how great is it to be involved with someone who knows where you’re coming from? In astrology, the people who share the same dominant element as you [fire, earth, air, or water] are most likely to have compatible energetic compositions.

For example, if you identify as an Aquarius, you are inclined to play well with Gemini and Libra, for these are the 3 signs that comprise the “air” element in astrology. In other words, signs of the same element are relatively easy matches because their essential qualities are most familiar to each other. The relationship between 2 signs of the same element is called a trine [tri = 3… each element is comprised of 3 signs].


FYI – There is also a relationship – or aspect as we call them in astrology – called a sextile, where the element of one sign harmonizes with a sign of a similar, albeit different  element [fire/air, earth/water]. We will not be focusing on the sextile aspect for the purpose of this post, as we will be examining the pros and cons of the trine aspect [and later on… the aspect known as the conjunction].

Let’s get started, shall we?

Fire Sign TrinesThose who identify as Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius are fire signs.

Your relationship has a tremendous amount of personality. Between the two of you there is never a dull moment, so boredom is not in you’re vocabulary. If you’re ever stuck in a rut, you know who to call to get you going. When your inner flame wears away in the weather, summoning the presence of your entrepreneurial fire sign friend will reignite your passion to act and dare you to be as bold as possible, as both of you know better than anyone not to wait around for a miracle to happen. You create your own miracles! These people are generous in that they radiate the greatest amount of energy, so you will never have to expend energy solving petty problems. You will have the most fun with your fire sign friend, but your tendency to enable thoughtlessly impulsive behavior can lead you to some dangerous places, although you don’t mind the risk of a good gamble.

Fire signs are primarily concerned with issues of identity and ego, so your partnership may be plagued with moments of selfishness where you find yourself in competition or in an “every man for himself”, kill or be killed free for all. There are bound to be some big blow-ups when you are involved with someone as headstrong, volatile, and impatient as you are. Whether your union burns on as a beacon of eternity or the initial spark extinguishes itself, you will at some point bump heads. Conflict, in moderation, is actually healthy for your individual growth and development. Fire signs are admired for their ability to act on their impulses, but you must beware of the pitfalls of impatience, as you two tend to instigate races just to keep things lively, and unnecessary rushing, while exciting, often leads to accidents. Your mutual challenge is to try not to overpower each other for the sake of ego dominance, and to take responsibility for any damages you incur as you attempt to share the spotlight and experience life at its most thrilling.

Earth Sign Trines – Those who identify as Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn are earth signs.

For the support you need, look no further than your fellow earth signs, aka the only ones as dependable as you. You’re usually the first one to lend a helping hand or offer a solution to a perplexing problem, but the insurance goes both ways when you and old faithful come together. When your practicality and common sense combines with your companion’s, the two of you are well-equipped to lay the foundation on which great monuments will be built, because it’s only worthwhile if at the end of it all you have something to show for your blood, sweat, and tears. Your relationship will surely be rewarding, as both of you expect to receive something in return for all your dedication, and neither of you is willing to compromise the quality of the materials you acquire.

As productive as you both may be, your union likely lacks pizazz and the fast pace on which the fire signs thrive. Earth signs tend to be more routine-oriented, as a predictable ritual is the most sensible way to realize your goals and acquire the material security that you worry about. It’s like you already know exactly what to expect with your Earth sign compadre, which puts you at ease. This monotony, however, is apt to elicit extreme boredom [although you may not notice any dullness until a perplexed air sign checks your pulse to make sure you’re actually alive]. Despite your competence as a unit, the both of you together have too many rules. The cautious, sometimes stubborn overtone of your relationship could hinder your next-level advancement, as you may be too afraid to deviate from the safeness of what you know. Ease up on the stinginess, possessiveness, and materialism, as these traits could corrupt your natural sense of bounty and immobilize your joint progress. You like to be prepared, we get it, so why not schedule a designated “Try Something New” day?

Air Sign Trines – Those who identify as Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius are air signs.

As an a child of the wind, there is nothing you need more than to be blown away, and who better to set you flying than a fellow air sign? You have a tendency to grow bored of your other acquaintances relatively quickly, but you and your airy brethren keep each other entertained and well-informed. Sometimes you just want a lighthearted stimulation, or to express your opinions with someone who can relate. Whenever life gets too dull or predictable, you are apt to call upon these abstract individuals to join your next experiment. Together, you exchange information and propagate much more progressive conversations than your peers. You both shudder at the thought of being confined without the freedom to explore your options, so you give each other space, and it’s cool as long as you have something exciting to share next time your paths cross. The two of you are so socially connected that your networks frequently overlap, which endows you with the ability to be distant and approximate at the same time. Even with you are separate, you’re never more than a few degrees apart.

Yes, it is true that nothing excites you quite like fellow air signs, but that same excitement can drive you mad. Both of you are inclined to play head games and over-think what could be so simple. Boredom, by the way, is not a legit excuse to perpetuate rumors or use information against someone who comprises your inner circle. Thinking in terms of relativity and duality is something you two have in common, but you must watch out for backhanded comparisons that are expressed solely to insinuate inferiority or subliminally belittle each other, as such behavior is definitely not conducive to an honest relationship. Be mindful of your own fickle tendencies and your strict “no-strings attached” policy, lest you want all your connections to suffer the same superficial fate. As uncivilized as it may seem, see if it’s possible for the two of you to go a little deeper.

Water Sign Trines – Those who identify as Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces are water signs.

When you’re in need of a brief reprieve from the cold, calloused world, you are bound to retreat into the empathetic arms of your watery kin. When you met this person, you experienced the ecstatic embrace of mutual sentiment, and for that moment every feeling you had up until that point was justified without you having to explain anything. The finesse with which your fellow water sign perceives your emotional nuances and anticipates your mood swings is as refreshing as it is reciprocal. Water signs trust one another to be emotionally intelligent, which encourages the two of you to let down your defenses. You can rest assured that your watery loved one is considerate of your idiosyncratic sensitivities as well as your need for privacy. What makes your relationship even more amazing is how artistic you are, especially when your imaginations blend and merge into one. Together, you cultivate a collective fantasy that is wavy enough to bend reality and mesmerize everyone around you.

Your union is so seamless that you may actually forget that you are two distinct individuals. Boundaries are weak or nonexistent, rendering you both susceptible to the ebb and flow of the other person. The water element longs for familiarity, but growing too attached to your aqua-babe will result in suffocation or, even worse, irreconcilable inundation. Reluctant to directly address the problems you perceive, you are inclined to withhold feelings that you believe would be offensive. The negativity you bottle up creates a breeding ground for passive aggression and resentment, which you unconsciously project onto one another. Neither of you is particularly skilled at articulating your deep-seated needs, and although you share a psychic bond, you may grow weary of having to walk on egg shells to accommodate each other’s fragility. It’s draining enough trying to deal with your own emotionalism, let alone having to anticipate theirs. Instead of addressing these annoyances like logical adults, you will probably just brood about them in your soggy little lairs until you drift effervescently into a more bubbly state of being. If emotional bloating is obstructing the wellbeing of your union, it is in your best interest to create safe space in which the two of you can communicate your feelings openly, instead of beating around the bush.

FYI PART II – If you share the same element AND the same sign with someone, this is aspect is not a trine, but a conjunction. The conjunction is like a trine, but more identical than fraternal. The Conjunction can strengthen a bond, as both energies are one in the same. Conversely, too much time together can elicit agitation. When energy is so intensely concentrated without the objective balance of opposition, the results can be explosive. Think: the big bang. Super potent and creative, but at the same time volatile. Anything [and everything and nothing] could happen. How bizarre is that?


Hope this breakdown was able to provide you with a little bit of astrological perspective. Next time you find yourself vibing so effortlessly with a stranger that it causes you to question whether or not you are long lost relatives, you might want to ask for their birthday. Know that the trine aspect is full of affirmation, bliss, and camaraderie, while simultaneously encouraging regular intervals of diversity for the sake of a healthy balance.

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