angles of danger by @R0BPro [#ScrambledArt]

Ever get the feeling that there are multiple things going on at once? Imagine how it would be if this were your reality. Well, who’s to say it’s isn’t?

At this very moment you could exist simultaneously in two contrasting halves, like two distant microchips attached to and tracked by the same computer. The Monster certainly does and that’s all that matters anymore. But how exactly did this potentially iconic super model switch from beloved to despicable?

Am I asking too many questions? My bad. It’s just that… Angles of Dangles is a provocative piece of work.


The world as they know it shatters into chaos. The structure loses its form. This was the plan in order to form a new order…

It’s crazy how words can go off in so many different directions but still cast the same spell. If you’d like to decipher this #ScrambledArt, click here to cop it. Beware, this metaphysical mindfuck might just crack your code. But hey, maybe you like when your orbit is out of control.

You can find and follow the author Rob Jenkins  on Twitter. PS, we would love to see this as a full length film, wouldn’t we? We would!

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