daily 4cast: 2/25/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Pisces] conjunct Neptune [in Pisces]
Sun [in Pisces] square Moon [in Gemini]
Mercury [in Aquarius] trine North Node [in Libra]
Mars [in Aries] trine Saturn [in Sagittarius], Juno [in Leo]
Uranus [in Aries] sextile Vesta [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Gemini] opposite Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Gemini] trine Mercury [in Aquarius], North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Gemini] square Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Gemini] sextile Juno [in Leo]

What happens when you become one with the collective unconscious? Of course, your capacity to speak the language of #StarsAndSymbols is heightened, as you are tuned into a right-brained realm where articulation as you know it is utterly impossible. The logical conclusions and linear chronology of the ego dissolve, leaving behind only a misty apparition of what you once were, as the essence of your being surrenders itself to the endlessness of spirit.
If, on the other hand, you resist this transcendent process in favor of your own man-made ecstasy, don’t be surprised when the structures of material world to which you cling are distorted in the most grotesque image of the other world that you are trying so desperately to avoid.

You have access to the psychic storage bin that houses the both the archetypes and zeitgeist of the humanity, and although your idea of reality is being twisted, it’s only scary when you try to escape it. Suppressing your super-dimensional connection results in confusion and deceit, and the space that was once so familiar will be perverted into something so ghastly, you will be impelled to run to the nearest temple and pray for salvation.


If, however, you are willing to peek beyond the veil, the mysteries that eluded you will start to make more sense, even if you can’t explain it all in words. By embracing your bond with universal infinity, your awareness of your own sensitivity will increase as well as your ability to identify illusion. As you are divinely guided to align with the truth of love, you will no longer feel entitled to take personally what you would normally perceive as an attack. Instead, you will exercise compassion and express selfless acts of charity, as you are heartbreakingly aware of the internal suffering that drives The Others to behave so waywardly.

Whether or not you identify as an artist, you will be creatively inclined. The medium of art is the most therapeutic, unifying way to bring these mystical insights of yours to the light of consciousness, as well as the only way to communicate such abstract experiences so that everyone, regardless of race, religion, or any other distinction is appropriately affected and thus healed by the feelings which they were previously unable to integrate. Even if you are not the creator, you will be drawn to creative displays for amusement, inspiration, catharsis, or even just to answer that question that has evaded your conscious attempts at reasoning.

behind the veil

Today, with all its magic, could be your initiation into a new cycle of sacred sacrifice. By the same token, today could be the beginning of a downward descent into the depths of self-sabotage. At the end of the day, as always, the choice is yours, although it would be a shame not to relate in some way to this supernatural energy. If you have been living with a dream that has defied realization, ask yourself… is it possible today to determine what that dream would look like if were to become your reality?

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