traveling mercies: saturn in sagittarius [#StarsAndSymbols]

Since I’ve moved cross-country to LA, making genuine connections seems at times like mission impossible. I just remembered Saturn [the planet of obstacles], is in Sagittarius [the sign of long distance travel]. May explain why I haven’t effortlessly acquired a whole slew of BFF’s.

In other words, anyone who has journeyed long distance, whether it’s long-term or for a quick getaway, is susceptible to some sort of setback with Saturn in Sagittarius. I send you all traveling mercies 🙂


On the plus side, Saturn’s delays and difficulties are just a reminder that real rewards do not come overnight. We’ve got to work and make an effort and leap over hurdles and learn lessons if we want long-lasting, substantial results. Where we find Sagittarius, we always find opportunities, but Saturn makes sure they are well earned. Dues must be paid.

I’m sure I’ll see progress soon, especially now that Jupiter [Sag’s ruling planet] has resumed forward motion after a four month retrograde. Saturn itself is currently retrograde, and it will dip back into Scorpio for a bit before moving forward again in Sagittarius, where it will remain until December 2017.

Sometimes I’m having the time of my life, but sometimes I feel incredibly alone. That’s okay, though. In those moments, I must remind myself that I’ve been here less than 6 months. Love takes time. And a lot of patience. Above all, I am grateful to be in a new place.

Jesus be a GPS.

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