daily 4cast: 4/16/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Vesta [in Pisces] conjunct Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Pisces] conjunct Chiron [in Pisces]
Moon [in Aries] trine Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Aries] square Pallas [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Aries] sextile Ceres [in Aquarius]
Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn

If you are able, take time to retreat into the place you consider your personal sanctuary. Take a step away from the social scene, especially if your biggest issue as of late revolved around a relationship, which it probably has. Give yourself some space to clear your mind and find your center.


There are moments when you must sort through your interpersonal problems in the form of a dialogue, but today calls for you to pay attention to your inner monologue, so try to keep outside interferences to a minimum lest you end up confused with someone else’s influence. Spirit is speaking to you, guiding you toward your healing. Are you listening?

Enjoy your alone time for however long it lasts. Trust your impulses and don’t feel the need to be so defensive when your actions are questioned. Some points are meant to be missed in the moment. It’s really okay. Be brave enough to go within and confront the shadowy figures you see slithering inside. You are beginning the process of penetrating your own dark side, and as you start to identify and integrate your internal demons, it will be easier for you to find the meaning of your external conundrums by recognizing the pattern that precipitates the problem.

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