daily 4cast: 5/20/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Gemini] opposite Pallas [in Sagittarius]


What is said is not always in alignment with what is actually done. With subtlest slight of hand, the truth can be persuaded into more of a story, sensationalized and packed with subliminal messages. Is it you who is doing the persuading, or is it one of The Others?

Either way, people are flexing their mental muscles, throwing around the weight of their avant garde abstractions as if it were the genius olympics. If you plan to compete with your peers, just know that they have studied the patterns and they’ve plotted their strategic, so be prepared. Whether or not you want to, you will be pushed to tap into your inner politician.

The mind is susceptible today to whatever is most spectacular, even if the laws of intelligence and common sense warn you against believing in such embellishments. To make sure that you are not led astray under these circumstances, focus on creating a more original way to move throughout your day. Revisit an aim that was never quite satiated, as you may stumble upon significant information that pertains to your goal and changes the way you see everything. If you can concentrate your wandering brain, maybe you can avoid the psychic pollution that is willingly consumed in the most desperate states of boredom.

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