daily 4cast: 6/2/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sagittarius Full Moon [Sun in Gemini opposite Moon in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Sagittarius] opposite Mercury/Mars [in Gemini]
Moon [in Sagittarius] trine Jupiter [in Leo]
Moon [in Sagittarius] square Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Sagittarius] sextile North Node [in Libra], Ceres [in Aquarius]


Abundance is to be celebrated as a way of life, but what happens when The Others aren’t able to find a kind, encouraging word of congratulations for a success that is not necessarily their own? People have a tendency to want what they don’t have, especially when someone else seems to have it all, so it can be a challenge to express interest or enthusiasm toward the fulfillment of another. Worried that you might not receive genuine love for a big announcement, you might keep your advancement to yourself. When you do finally broadcast your accomplishment, you may go overboard and be perceived as pompous, which could elicit duplicitous reactions from your peers.

What appears to be a joyous response could be masking contempt and a caustic inner monologue just waiting to manifest as the latest gossip. Because you sense there is more to the story, your instinct may be to fiercely protect your good news, so that nobody is able to speak ill against you or your accomplishments. There is also a possibility that you may withhold certain information that could help someone else along their journey. After all, why should you share such gems with insincere individuals?

If you feel the need to defend your blossoming sense of wealth against an immature audience, you may need to remind yourself that there is more than enough to go around. It’s not your problem if a lover, family member, or former friend chooses to become an opponent, as they are unable to see that success for one is success for all. Live your truth and you will surely attract someone who can handle it.

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