vesta in aries: the purest self possible [#StarsAndSymbols]

A foreword of sorts: there’s not much out there on the asteroid goddesses, so I find myself beginning to focus more on them when it comes to special blog posts [aside from my daily 4cast horoscopes]. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of sites that track the transits of the main planets, so it is my personal mission [very Vesta in Aries, huh?] to fill the void, as I believe the asteroid goddesses bring a much needed fullness and femininity to astrology. For a quick, painless introduction of the 4 main asteroid goddesses, click here. With that said, let’s get into it.


Vesta enters Aries today until March 8, 2016 [note: she will retrograde on August 12 and dip back into Pisces before resuming forward motion on November 13], and so we begin the next cycle of personal purity, divine sexuality, and the renewal of our virginity thru ritual cleansing of mind, body, and soul. Remember, Vesta is the keeper of the flame, the sacred sister who keeps us centered, the one who we trust because she has her shit together and inspires everyone around her to do the same.

Vesta in Aries, the very first sign, has an urgent sense of self-preservation and is passionate in asserting the fact that she belongs to man. She makes connections, but she is fine with or without anyone else. Just to make sure she answers only to herself, she will go above and beyond to put herself out there, fighting against any and every opposition in hopes that the force of her personality, her fanatical fearlessness, and all her immediate abilities will speak for themselves.

Her high standards are both striking and motivating, but more importantly, the results she achieves grant her certain privileges and freedoms. Authority beware, you might just get burned if you try to impose upon her autonomy during this time. As Aries is the warrior, Vesta in this sign challenges us to use the battles we face to transcend the “self” and move toward wholeness by forging a personal connection with our own spirituality.

The glyph [or symbol] of Aries is phallic, and Vesta herself is sometimes regarded as the sacred prostitute. With this combination, or sex drives could be more potent and impulsive. There is a focus on the act of sex and how it can enhance the experience of life for both parties, but we are more inclined to keep the strings unattached than to tend to the fire of a long-term engagement with the same person. Some who are ignorant to this power may abuse Vesta’s sexuality with aimless promiscuity and suffer from sexual shame, but the goal is to be somewhat selective and purposeful, so that these encounters to bring us closer to god [or goddess, more appropriately].

If used optimally, you will walk away from all sexual encounters refreshed and inspired, viewing the world and everything it has to offer through the eyes of a newborn child. Don’t be surprised, however, if you find yourself focused more on a project than satisfying your active libido. Vesta represents the sublimation of sexual energy to fuel non-sexual activity.

If you’re already involved with someone, this may be a time when both partners retreat into themselves and try to figure out what they’re missing as individuals that no other can provide. Sacrifice of intimacy is a Vesta theme, as this energy promotes frequent solitude to recharge and reflect. Give each other space to get yourselves together so that when you come back, you’re both reignited and ready to take it to the next level.

Those of us who identify as Aries will be most strongly affected. Energy will be renewed and focus will be strengthened, but you will have to make sure not to burn yourself out. Take periodic breaks from whatever you’re working on. Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn will feel this in a way that is challenging, sometimes stressful, but ultimately eye-opening. When you feel like giving up, push yourself to be better. Leo and Sagittarius will find it relatively easy to keep their inner fire burning, while Aquarius and Gemini could find themselves being assisted with important tasks by helpful “sister-like” figures.

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