daily 4cast: 6/14/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Gemini] conjunct Mars [in Gemini]
Venus [in Leo] opposite Ceres [in Aquarius]
Moon [in Taurus] square Juno [in Leo]
Moon [in Gemini] conjunct Mercury [in Gemini]
Moon [in Gemini] opposite Saturn [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Gemini] sextile Vesta [in Aries]
Saturn [Retrograde] enters Scorpio


Just when you seem to make a little progress, a new task presents itself, and boy is it urgent. It is possible that you are taking on a lot at once, but hey… maybe you like it that way. Some people need to keep a lot on their plates to remain motivated. Perhaps you really like the attention that comes along with doing the impossible. Whatever gets you going is alright, just don’t hurt nobody [or yourself] as you move from point A to point B.

Superheroes are great, but make sure you are getting compensation in some way, shape, or form if you’re going to risk it all to put on that cape and save the day. Selflessness is admirable, but it just ain’t equal if there ain’t no exchange. If you’re putting your life on the line, at least be able to say you’re getting something substantial in return.

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