Saturn in Sagittarius: A Line Drawn in the Name of Freedom [#StarsAndSymbols]

The unresolved issue of racism that has been swept under the rug or sugar-coated has resurfaced as an international conversation of white privilege, police brutality, and cultural appropriation. From the #BlackLivesMatter to the very recent #RachelDolezal case that has taken the internet by storm, it is apparent that we are not as post-racial as we’d like to believe. Then there’s the question of LGBTQ rights with gay marriage legalization and the big reveal [“coincidentally” synchronized with the Sagittarius Full Moon] of transgender male to female Caitlyn Jenner. Feminism is also a hot topic, and again, one that proves we are not as progressive as we may have thought. These might be seen as exclusively American, and to an extent maybe so, but just at look a all the riotous uprisings around the world, all in the name of freedom.


Speaking of Sagittarius [scroll up a little bit, Forgetful Freddie], Saturn has occupied this expansive sign since December. Saturn’s energy is that of a rigid taskmaster, The One who makes us face our fears in order to strengthen the foundation on which we stand. In the sign of truth, culture, and morality, Saturn pressures the people to draw a definitive line regarding those topics – or at to least to ask the tough questions that we as a global society tend to avoid [ie, “what does it mean to be black?” “am I born this way?” “why is it taboo to breastfeed in public?”]. Saturn, a reminder that we reap what we sow, rules results, consequences, and karma.

Saturn in Sagittarius is a time when questionable moral behavior from the past manifests so that our higher truth, both individual and collective, is scrutinized. Anything in existence that vibrates on a frequency that is any less than truthful cannot go on for too long, and will feel the heaviest burden at this time. By the same token, Saturn in Sagittarius pushes those of us who have been hiding who we really are to “do the right thing” and be more authentic. This is less about “right” and “wrong” as shaped by the government and religion and other institutions, and more about whether or not you have been living in alignment with universal law and honoring your truest self. Did I mention Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy?

When we think back to the foundation of this country, which is slave labor, it is no wonder we are in the state we’re in now. After all, how far removed are we from the bloody savagery that we are conditioned to believe was a long distant lapse of judgment? Not that far. Prejudice, discrimination, and inequality still exist whether it is racial or sexual. If you think we are beyond these petty little problems, just look at the ignorant reactions that are elicited on the internet by certain articles and think-pieces. We have work to do, and Saturn in Sagittarius is here to make sure it gets done.

Saturn has been retrograde in Sagittarius since March 14, which suggests a necessary period of restructure. We are standing shaky ground and that means we might need to tear down with the intention to rebuild something more appropriate to support us as we progress in this day and age. Today, June 14, 2015, Saturn will re-renter Scorpio to tie up some loose ends that we may have abandoned back in December. Saturn in Scorpio deals with debts, power, and the transformative effects of sex, so anything pertaining to those areas of life are due for a follow-up appointment, or a maybe a second opinion. Since Saturn is going “backward” [retrogrades are earthbound optical illusions] from Sagittarius to Scorpio, this could be a moment during which deceitful or unlawful instances will be met with “payback”. Saturn will be retrograde in Scorpio until August 2, and it will make its way back to the first degree of Sagittarius by September 17th. From the on, Saturn will be in Sagittarius until December 19, 2017.

These issues will continue to play out because a lie can only be lived for so long. If the promise is “liberty and justice for all”, then something’s got to give. We are in an uncertain state, but if one thing’s for certain, it’s the old adage that “what goes around comes around.”

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