daily 4cast: 6/16/2015 – gemini new moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

Gemini New Moon [Sun in Gemini conjunct Moon in Gemini] exact at 10:05 AM EST
Moon [in Gemini] conjunct Mars [in Gemini]
Moon [in Gemini] opposite Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Gemini] square Chiron [in Pisces]
Moon [in Gemini] sextile Jupiter/Juno [in Leo], Uranus [in Aries]


An unexplored paradigm of polarity is galvanized today. When you remember that no one force is naturally stronger than the other in terms of opposition, you will shift the imbalance to create a better balanced dialogue, and learn to identify the most appropriate correspondence between two distinct factors. Realize that it is possible to be DIFFERENT and at the same time stand TOGETHER, unthreatened by the existence of an alternative. Now is your chance to transcend the stress, strife, and disenchantment of duality in a celebration of polarized energy.

On the flip side, I think today is simultaneously a cosmic encouragement to SEPARATE yourself from any interaction that is keeping you from expressing all the many facets of your personality the way you personally see fit based on where you are in life at this present moment. Things change, people change, and there are always variables, so it doesn’t really matter who you were when you first became entangled with ___ [fill in the blank]. You can be who you want, as you want, RIGHT NOW. Sometimes, it is completely and utterly necessary to initiate a happy split and say “I am not who I was or who you THOUGHT I was OR who you THINK I am supposed to be. No, not all all. Now, I am something else.” It is painful to remain bottled up. Let it all come out. ALL.


Communicate what needs to be communicated now, and you will thank yourself later. Spread the word as only you can. By sharing a little piece your heart each time you transmit a message, no matter how uncomfortably vulnerable it makes you feel, you might just introduce a novel idea that totally changes the way everyone sees the world. You’ll never know unless you speak up, so worry not about alienating yourself with a disagreeable opinion, and trust that your side of the story can co-exist with others’ in a way that both enhances and contextualizes the collective experience.


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