kjiehTV – jupiter in the 8th house interview [#StarsAndSymbols]

So I was asked by Kjieh, a fellow astrologer, one who’s insights and work ethic I truly admire, to be featured in his “8th House interviews” series. As that would suggest, he was looking to interview individuals with major planetary placements in the 8th House. As I have Jupiter in this house of sex, death, regeneration, occult matters, inheritance/other people’s resources, and transformation [among other things], I was totally interested in sharing myself as the embodiment of the essence of this natal placement. I wish for this interview to affect you in some way so that you are a different person with an altered perception of SOMETHING after it’s all said and done. And make sure to subscribe to Kjieh’s channel as well as my channel for the latest, greatest metaphysical magnificence.

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