What Cartoon Villain Is Your Mars?!

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CancVirgo Astrology

I pose the question “What cartoon villain is your Mars?” today in hopes you guess will let me know. Here are my guesses for each placement; did I come close? See them all in action in my video below!

Mars in Aries – Hades [Hercules]


His temper is quick and lethal; he can barely control himself, but means no harm… right? Just like I see Mars in Aries.

Mars in Taurus – The Ice King [Adventure Time]


He’s annoyingly hard to upset, but once you do you better watch out! He always needs his way and his temperament can seem somewhat… irrational sometimes; remind you of any Mars placement?

Mars in Gemini – Team Rocket [Pokémon]


Team Rocket did seem a little goofy, but drop your guard for a second and BAM, you just made yourself their next victim. Don’t take this team, or Mars in Gemini too lightly.


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