daily 4cast: 7/1/2015 – capricorn full moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

Capricorn Full Moon [Sun in Cancer opposite Moon in Capricorn]
Sun [in Cancer] trine Neptune [in Pisces]
Venus [in Leo] conjunct Jupiter [in Leo]
Mars [in Cancer] square North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Capricorn] opposite Mars [in Cancer]
Moon [in Capricorn] trine Juno [in Virgo]
Moon [in Capricorn] square Vesta [in Aries], North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Capricorn] sextile Neptune [in Pisces]


If there’s any sort of struggle today, it’s between your goal of achieving the impossible and the limitations that have held you back for so long. Where you have obeyed boundaries before you are willing to push against them. If an objective were beyond the realm of realization, why then would God allow you imagine it so vividly?

As if it weren’t enough trying to overcome self-imposed blockages, you may be confronted by external doubt, as The Ones around you may find it more appropriate to brace you with all the reasons it won’t work than to be supportive. Let today be a lesson in encouragement: it won’t always be there for you to receive. When positive reinforcement is foreign to you, you may have to call upon a higher power for a sign to carry on and keep going. Faith is a gift if you believe it is here for you receive it.

When you tune into the source from which you originated and commit to bringing its bounty down to earth, you are blessed by the reminder of infinite abundance, a conception that will inspire a new era of unrestricted self-expression. The more you nurture your nature unbound, the greater your visibility will grow, and your status will be cemented as something special. The same people who projected their fears upon you will eventually regard you with the utmost respect, as it becomes increasingly apparent that you are meant to go beyond the borders, and they may even feel bad for betting against you. Forgive them. Little did they know those borders were always brittle, and all it ever took was a bit of tension to break down the walls. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, as all the most valiant victories take some time, but they will erect monuments in your name if you continue at this rate. Just be patient, stay creative, and deny the deterrence of your determination.

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