venus retrograde: bitch better have my money [#StarsAndSymbols]

when the word ‘retrograde’ comes to mind, most of us are used to hearing it associated with the planet mercury. maybe that’s why as i’ve been mentioning venus retrograde [Jul 25 – Sep 6, 2015] to people, i’ve received such a curious response. venus goes retrograde less frequently than quick-moving mercury, but it always comes right on time to help us process all of our venusian intake.

art. love. money. just some quick keywords that fall under the domain of venus, mythical goddess of all things beautiful.


in astrology, venus is all those seemingly unrelated keywords, except they are all super related. our appreciation for art is related to our love interest is related to our capacity to circulate money. how? value. it’s all based on what we value and what we esteem to be worth it, including our own self-esteem. in short, we attract [venus keyword] into our lives the people, places, and things that we value, and what we attract has everything to do with our self-worth or lack thereof.

sometimes, inevitably, we take in so much that it becomes sensory overload. maybe it’s the food coma that comes when we eat one plate too many. perhaps it’s the pornography that prevents us from perceiving interpersonal intimacy. in this day and age, though, it could be the violent news coverage we see every time we turn on the tv. venus rules pleasure and peace, but has a bloody flip side, especially when she’s gearing up for [or in the aftermath of] her retrograde. either way, when we don’t take a moment to withdraw from sensory stimulation, we risk desensitization. If we receive indiscriminately and allow our senses to dull into numbness, we risk our ability to survive in this material world, as we’re not able to differentiate what feels pleasurable and what we feels painful – and more importantly, what is even worth our indulgence in the first place.


conversely, some of us feel deprived of sensation, as if affection were something just out of reach. many people experience the pang of perceived rejection and dis-appreciation, and it seems like no matter what they do, their inherent worth goes un-valued. some can’t seem to catch a break in their romantic partnerships as of late, others are beginning to complain about not getting paid as much as they should. some artists aren’t selling as many paintings as they were. as a defense, these folks are likely to feel pulled inward to close themselves off from social engagements in which they are liable to feel even worse about themselves.

venus retrograde is time when we draw back from our exchanges to measure how much we’re putting in, how much we’re getting back, and whether or not we enjoy the give/take dynamic that we have created. venus retrograde is a time when our personal values may clash with values of the people around us, as reflected in the way those same people receive us when we share whatever we choose to offer at any given moment. venus retrograde is a time when be more intensely affected by emotional stimuli, especially if the stimuli is of an erotic nature, causing us to be more reluctant about our participation in over-the-top relationships and recreational decadence [did i mention venus will be returning to grandiose leo, after briefly transiting the first degree of puritanical virgo?].

during this break from venusian encounters, the social sphere could seem a bit awkward or unsatisfying, and ambivalence could replace the love you once felt some for something/someone special. big, sensationalized displays of wealth, merriment, and “success” aren’t as appealing as they used to be, and now many of us are looking for the deeper meaning behind the superficial veil. we’re looking a higher ideal. because it’s more of a challenge for us to agree upon a universal worth, venus retrograde isn’t a great time to try to make a sale, splurge on the newest shoes, or market your artistic portfolio in hopes of a creative commission.

while new investments aren’t exactly advisable, you might want to re-negotiate an agreement that has been in the works for a while. if you use your newfound venusian insight, you might be able to coax a better bargain out of your potential suitors. venus retrograde is also not the best time to initiate a romantic courtship, but old lovers could possibly rear their ugly hea- hmm, excuse me, old lovers could resurface, prompting you to revisit old [and most likely unresolved] interpersonal issues.

venus retrograde, no matter how it is personally affecting you, is a reevaluation. once venus stations direct, and resumes forward motion, you will be much more in touch with your values and will have a better sense of what you’re worth. it is possible that you will have gotten dirty, literally or figuratively, so you might be dusting yourself off and cleaning up the debris of the internalized venus. lords only knows what atrocities she’s seen when she was away. ten10tumblr_nqv22byen91sn0dbbo1_500[1]

speaking of those atrocities, i wouldn’t be surprised if many of us come immediately out of the retrograde ready for war, leaving the rest of the world wondering “whatever happened to the goddess of love?” once justice is rendered, however, i do believe that we’ll have the ability to exercise greater temperance so that our ability to feel the sensations that surround us isn’t blown out or closed off.

this particular retrograde is over on september 6, but we won’t be out of the shadow period until october 9 when direct-moving venus finally returns to the first degree of virgo, which is where she was suspended in stillness right before she stationed retrograde. in other words, give the bitch a chance to catch up to herself, she just threw herself backward in the most dramatic fashion.

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