daily 4cast: 8/31/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Virgo] opposite Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Pisces] trine Saturn [in Scorpio]
Moon [in Aries] conjunct Vesta [in Aries]
Moon [in Aries] opposite Mercury/North Node [in Libra]


If it seems as if you’re at a loss, there is always hope for a divine resolution. There is no hope for the hopeless, however, so be examine your beliefs and how they’re affecting your reality. Go out on a limb and say a prayer. Ask for a better circumstance. Imagine the happiest ending.

A dream can seem like a nightmare if you’re at all unclear about what you see. Distorted vision breeds confusion, so it would be wise to observe some sort of meditation before acting out a muddled idea of what you think is haopening. For all you know this could all be a big illusion, and if it is, you have the power to project onto it whatever you wish.

daily 4cast: 8/30/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Pisces] conjunct Chiron [in Pisces]
Moon [in Pisces] opposite Juno [in Virgo]
Moon [in Pisces] square Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Pisces] sextile Pluto/Ceres [in Capricorn]


There has to be an easier way to get to where you’re going. If you’re fumbling and struggling about, it is in your best interest to stop what you’re doing immediately before someone gets hurt. It is absolutely important to prioritize your own clarity so that you move about the space and arrive at your every destination in one piece.

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daily 4cast: 8/29/2015 – full moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Virgo] opposite Moon [in Pisces]
Moon [in Aquarius] square Saturn [in Scorpio]
Moon [in Pisces] conjunct Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Pisces] opposite Jupiter [in Virgo]


No matter how sturdy your situation seems, there is always some irrational factor that could send the world as you know it into a downward spiral. Nature has ways of reminding you of how everything is connected, and how being out of balance throws the whole system off, especially when you unconsciously attempt to isolate yourself as a separate entity. By setting yourself up to be untouchable behind some flimsy wall you’ve constructed, you become susceptible to every outside influence and adversely affected by each impression so that small interferences becomes unnecessarily chaotic.

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daily 4cast: 8/28/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Libra] conjunct North Node [in LIbra]
Mars [in Leo] trine Vesta [in Aries]
Moon [in Aquarius] opposite Venus/Mars [in Leo]
Moon [in Aquarius] sextile Uranus/Vesta [in Aries], Pallas [in Sagittarius]


The material realm is solid, but full of tricks, twists, and turns. The only way to overcome these obstacles is by maintaining a balance and keeping your head clear. If you are centered within yourself, it will be nearly impossible for life to throw you off, and every opponent will be stopped its tracks.

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daily 4cast: 8/27/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Capricorn] sextile Saturn [in Scorpio]
Moon [in Aquarius] trine Mercury/North Node [in Libra]


The good thing about bad experiences is that you learn how to cherish the things that really matter. It is in your most desperate times that you find out who really has your back, and if you’re conscious, you will notice how little you actual need to get by. Quality over quantity starts to mean something when you’ve been stripped of everything you thought was important and left to die. Best of all, your subsequent highs will be so much more enjoyable because you will always have the contrast of the low as a point of relativity.

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daily 4cast: 8/26/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Leo] conjunct Jupiter [in Leo]
Mercury [in Virgo] sextile Saturn [in Scorpio]
Moon [in Capricorn] conjunct Ceres [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Capricorn] trine Juno [in Virgo]
Moon [in Capricorn] square Uranus [in Aries]
Moon [in Capricorn] sextile Chiron [in Pisces]


A new vision is conceived. How far it takes you depends on the extent to which you are willing to stretch your imagination. The sky really is the limit, and despite the great heights toward which you may aspire, your potential ascent will be supported as if both of your feet were still planted on the ground. If you’ve been hoping for a “yes” or a figurative all access pass, there’s not much stopping you on a day like this. For extra oomph, emphasize the efficiency of your brand, and watch the crowd go crazy for you and whatever product you happen to be selling.

You might find a new way use an old, outworn resource today, evidence of your creative lens. If something needs to be remixed, then chop it and screw it until it’s a whole other entity, with a life of its own. If you’re lucky, it [and you, by extension] could be the next big thing. How does it feel to be a hit?

daily 4cast: 8/25/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Virgo] trine Moon [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Capricorn] conjunct Pluto [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Capricorn] trine Jupiter [in Virgo]
Moon [in Capricorn] square Vesta [in Aries], North Node [in Libra]
Moon [in Capricorn] sextile Neptune [in Virgo]

hats off

Dissatisfaction doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it wrong. It could be a sign that you could be doing whatever you’re doing a lot better. Deviating from your standard might get you to where you need to be faster, but is the shortcut worth sacrificing the excellence with which you normally execute your endeavors?

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daily 4cast: 8/24/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Virgo] trine Ceres [in Capricorn]
Moon [in Sagittarius] trine Venus [in Leo], Uranus [in Aries]
Moon [in Sagittarius] square Mercury/Juno [in Virgo], Chiron [in Pisces]


If something looks too good to be true, but you’re tempted to go along with it anyway, by all means go. Make sure though that you are alert along the way. Who knows where this could take you.

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daily 4cast: 8/23/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Sagittarius] conjunct Pallas [in Sagittarius]
Moon [in Sagittarius] trine Mars [in Leo], Vesta [in Aries]
Moon [in Sagittarius] square Neptune [in Pisces]
Sun enters Virgo


Protect yourself from outside influence, as you are susceptible to absorbing unnecessary negativity. If you’re feeling funky, examine your surroundings, as you may be inviting a toxic energy into your sphere. Be open, but at the same time cautious of The Ones with whom you share your vulnerabilities.

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