new moon focus: 1 [#StarsAndSymbols]

similar to my Full Moon Reflections, I intend to begin a series of New Moon Focus posts, in which I highlight the themes of this monthly lunar phenomenon.


in astrology, a conjunction is an incredibly potent concentration of energy, caused by at least two planets coming together in the same sign. any two planets can form a conjunction, but when the sun and moon come together, their energies when blended galvanize a creative fertility, a rich cosmic occurrence comparable to the moment of reproductive conception. basically, the new moon more than any other planetary conjunction is a breeding ground of previously unexplored possibility.

in accordance with the “as above, so below” philosophy, the unity of the sun and moon can be observed on the earthly plane, as many individuals, both metaphysically-inclined and not, profess feelings of oneness with self. the new moon conjunction is a time of inner unity, as the heart and mind are more likely to be in agreement, a welcome change from the tense vacillation and anxiety of the full moon opposition and quarter moon square aspects. just as our luminaries are now merged in solidarity, we are most likely to be in perfect alignment with ourselves during the new moon.


as important as it is to be aligned with the core essence of oneself, it is equally important for us to observe our relationships, [especially when the moon is in a social air sign like libra, as it is now]. who are the people who comprise our inner circle? who are The Ones who are just now arriving on the scene, and what exactly are they bringing that is so unique? how might your circumstance or even your mood change when you choose to switch it up and stand in a different setting. the alliances you cultivate on or near the new moon have a lot to do with the intentions you will manifest, so be deliberate and choose wisely who you allow into your personal bubble.

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