daily 4cast: 10/14/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Moon [in Scorpio] trine Neptune [in Pisces]
Moon [in Scorpio] sextile Venus/Mars/Jupiter [in Virgo], Pluto [in Capricorn]


Transformation. To change from one body to another, transcending the totality of what you were in favor of what you will be. Now that you are not the same, who are you, and what can you do better than before?

After dancing in limbo for so long, you are being delivered from the transitory state to a special place where you have been summoned. You are here to build a name that will endure the erosion of time, a legacy to carry your presence far beyond the duration of your stay. The life you live is different, and after jumping off the edge into the unknown, the only evidence of the old world is the skin you shed that was left to disintegrate back into the earth. Sometimes it takes a dead body to fertilize the dirt.

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