daily 4cast: 12/4/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Mercury [in Sagittarius] square Jupiter [in Virgo]
Moon [in Virgo] conjunct North Node [in Virgo]
Moon [in Libra] opposite Vesta [in Aries]
Venus enters Scorpio

A salesperson and customer, or buyer and seller, shake hands to symbolize and make official a sales transaction, with the word Sold in a speech bubble over their heads

Intensely attractive, you have the power to exercise your will without having to lift a finger. Think of the magnet. If you can embrace your own ability to draw toward you the objects of your desire, imagine how much time and energy you will save by opting out of the chase.

Once you have what you want in front of you, you know you’ve already won, as you’d rather die than relinquish the exchange you’ve coveted for so long. Although you may prefer to allow impulse to guide such a rendezvous, it would only help to do your research before any big encounters. Someone who has the facts to back up the charm is able to coax opportunities that others would miss.

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