daily 4cast: 12/9/2015 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun [in Sagittarius] square Chiron [in Pisces]
Mercury [in Sagittarius] sextile Juno [in Libra]
Moon [in Scorpio] sextile Jupiter/North Node [in Virgo]
Moon [in Sagittarius] trine Vesta [in Aries]|
Mercury enters Capricorn


With so many exerting the will to live in a society that values competition, sometimes the implications of existence can create some painful experiences. It’s important to remember that everyone has been hurt in some way, some more than others, and that individuals often unintentionally perpetuate the cycle of abuse because they don’t comprehend healing. Being unorthodox is a sea of cultural normalcy can make you an easy target for those who are threatened by a different approach.

Blending in has its perks when appropriate, but if it’s hard, be deliberate expressing your eccentric lifestyle. Display your struggles and adversities, and find the humor in them if possible. Sometimes one must endure tragedy to have an epic story to tell.

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