Ashé Affirmation Oracle: Week of 4/10/2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Week of 4/10/2016



There is something unmistakably human about the number 5. The physical body, with its head and limbs, its hands and feet with their allotted digits, is a literal embodiment of this energy. At the same time, 5 can be more celestial, as, for example, the symbol of the star is most immediately recognized with 5 points. So, somewhere between heaven and earth exists this number, which means it has access to both worlds like the messenger Mercury or the spirit of gatekeeper Eleggua. 5 represents the ability [or maybe the tendency] to exhibit both profound and profane qualities, which is not too farfetched considering a man or women with arms and legs stretched out resembles the shape of the star as mentioned above.

5 inspires a certain wanderlust. This number signifies the urge to explore the world, learn something new, and have fun in the process. The 5 influence requires one thing, and that is unadulterated freedom. In this life, the only thing constant is change, and 5 is always thinking on its feet, ready and willing to adapt to the new way. To be stuck in a static circumstance is the virtual equivalent to a violent death for a number like 5. The shadow side, of course, would be the tendency to disregard anything [or anyone] who is not relevant or in the moment. For the sake of stimulation, risky behaviors are often left unchecked, which can be thrilling until it goes too far. Irresponsibility and recklessness are the most difficult aspects of the number 5.

For those of us who wish to get up and go, this is the best number on which to meditate and personify. The combination mental brilliance and lighthearted charisma, with the edge of unpredictability, make for some awesome moments. To venture from the scary depths of the underworld to the death-defying heights of the gods [and everywhere in between] is evidence of the fearless energy of 5, because limits are only as strong as one allows.


Nothing major. Continue to set New Moon intentions 🙂


ACE of FIRE [Aries, Leo, Sun] – YEMAYAII of EARTH [Saturn]
DWARVES and GNOMESTHE AIR ELEMENT [Gemini, Aquarius, Libra]
9 of FIRE [Sun, Jupiter]

I shift the spotlight of my conscious awareness to illuminate my heritage and observe the ways of the tribe from which I am born. Living in the now and recreating my identity in the moment is of the utmost importance, yet I am strengthened as I reconnect with and relate to my roots. No matter how far I progress, it is best for me to remember where I began for the sake of my own self-discovery, as I am but a seed of my family tree. A sense of pride in the magnificence, strength, and creativity of my ancestry fills me as I observe traditions, study beliefs, and begin to practice rituals that have always lived within me, waiting patiently to be reawakened. I am blessed with inherent gifts, and for those invaluable treasures I must thank the ones who came before me, the sames ones who guide me now as I can sharpen my skill-set on a daily basis.

As I stand in the glory of my cultural inheritance, I realize my values will not always align the values of the many diverse entities I encounter. If I am able to establish a relationship based on the most identifiable affiliation in those instances of difference, then I will. After all, even the far reaching branches of the tree are rooted in the same soil. If common ground is for whatever reason beyond attainment, then that is okay too. Not everyone is meant to agree. I actually appreciate irreconcilable differences for helping me to see distinctions and to be more precise about my personal preferences. When I know what I don’t want, I am able to manifest the reality I wish more successfully, because I am clear.

It is also important for me in this moment to recognize who is genuine and who is insincere. I am able to perceive the intentions of others, and I respond accordingly. Some people possess tricky tongues, so whenever necessary, I become a mirrored shield to protect myself and reflect back onto the person his or her wicked words. I cannot hold resentment, because I recognize pain and its tendency to project itself. Instead, I pray for inner peace on behalf of everyone. Any conflict that is beyond my solution will be brought into balance by the laws that be.

Honoring my lineage is honoring myself. I am empowered to know that I am a product of such excellence, and intend to elevate my name to a height of visibility where everybody can see what I’m made of. I am bigger than I was before, and that is because I am with them now, and they are with me too.

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