sun in taurus 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun enters Taurus
4/19/2016 @ 11:29 am EST until 5/20/2016


What is: the Sun?


The core of your personality is illuminated by the Sun sign. As the sun takes thirty days to travel through each one of the twelve zodiac signs, so each one has a month in the spotlight. Just like the sun in the solar system, everything revolves around the astrological Sun as the main source of vitality and awareness, and so it is the energy from which every creative expression emanates. It is also an emblem of the human ego. The space occupied by the Sun is where one feels most alive, important, and unique.


What is: Taurus?

Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Day of the Week: Friday
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
House Association: Second House
Tarot Card: The Hierophant
Stability, Determination, Self-Worth, Natural Resources, Material Goods, Values, Money, Luxury, Fine Dining, Classic Beauty, Sensuality, Temptation, Decadence, Mother Nature


Sun in Taurus

Sunny Side:

In earthy Taurus, the Sun shines a light on the natural beauty of the material world and its physical riches as perceived through the five senses. The Sun in Taurus shifts focus to consider  the gift of simplicity. If it’s not the good life, then it is a non-factor in the world that revolves around Solar Taurus. If it is expected that life will be good, however, then it must be enjoyed. Only practical effort ensures enjoyment in this earth sign. When it is worth it, it doesn’t even feel like work, especially when momentum build. That said, the start might be slow. Taurus has the capacity to be a beast, but prefers to take it easy. The Taurus Sun knows how sweet life can be.

Luxury, even in the most organic context, can be a byproduct [or the major theme] of the Taurean lifestyle, as this sign excels at moneymaking and other material matters. With a profitable combination of practicality, determination, and self-esteem, the Sun in Taurus is able to bring to life beautiful forms that were once intangible abstractions. The power of the voice is strong with this placement, as Taurus rules over the neck and throat, and the success rate of what is spoken is akin to spellcasting. As mystical as that sounds, Taurus excels at recognizing the authenticity over artificiality when illuminated by the all-seeing sunlight.

Shady Side:

Taurus is considered the most stubborn sign, and the unwillingness to budge can lead to interpersonal issues and, in general, an uninspired life. When life is seen strictly as it esteemed by the individual, then others might feel invalidated, as if the latter “other” doesn’t matter if its truth doesn’t make sense in the former individual’s reality. This unconscious urge to control the environment and relegate conflicting value systems to the status of inferiority can incite even the most forgiving interlocutor to the passions of envy, resentment, and violence, all of which are themes of Scorpio. Scorpio and Taurus are polar opposite signs, and so they may be found on separate ends of the zodiac wheel.

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