xtina, as a goddess: oyá [#StarsAndSymbols]

Xtina serving up Yansá on a platter, with eggplant.


Oyá [or Yansá], orisha of wind, storms, and sudden change, is the gatekeeper of the cemetery in yoruba tradition, which is the basis of Santería in the Caribbean. Her colors of choice are eggplant, maroon, and all other shades of purple. Lots of black, too.


In a couple weeks The Voice will air a special performance of Christina Aguilera singing live with a Whitney Houston hologram. Is this look Xtina’s way of letting viewers know she intends to raise the dead? And if she does, how will this performance transform her career going into the release of her upcoming album? Hmm, maybe it’s just a color story coincidence.

Fun fact: Oyá’s number is 9. 2016 is a 9 year in numerology. Looks like someone’s embracing the energy.

What do you think about this Whitney hologram, and holograms of decased stars in general? Sound off in the comments! 💀

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