sun in gemini 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun enters Gemini
5/20/2016 @ 10:36 am EST until 6/20/2016


What is: the Sun?


The core of your personality is illuminated by the Sun sign. As the sun takes thirty days to travel through each one of the twelve zodiac signs, so each one has a month in the spotlight. Just like the sun in the solar system, everything revolves around the astrological Sun as the main source of vitality and awareness, and so it is the energy from which every creative expression emanates. It is also an emblem of the human ego. The space occupied by the Sun is where one feels most alive, important, and unique.


What is: Gemini?


Element: Air
Modality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
House Association: Third House
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Tarot Card: The Lovers
Duality, Elementary Education, Street Smarts, Curiosity, Trivia, Multitasking, Storytelling, The News, Communications, Blogging, Social Media


Sun in Gemini

Sunny Side:
Just as the wind blows in many different directions, Gemini [the first air sign of the zodiac] is known for its quick changes. When the Sun is in Gemini, the world revolves around versatility. What is novel is emphasized rather and predictable is boring to say the least [we could say much more wherever Gemini is activated, but we’ll save that for another day]. Symbolized by The Twins, Gemini represents dualism, and the Sun in the sign shines a light on the many potential ways ways one singular entity may express itself. Excitement is what the Gemini Sun has to offer, and this energy is perfect for any stiff situation that needs to be enlivened.

Solar Gemini spotlights verbal expression of all sorts, such as literature, public speaking and theatre performance, and all these mediums can be employed to lighten the mood and bring attention to otherwise unrecognized facets of existence. Gemini rules hand-eye coordination, so any activity that requires dexterity or multi-tasking is a surefire to shine when the Sun is in Gemini. The realm of intelligence is introduced to us in the zodiac by Gemini, and this sign rules elementary learning as well as the transmission of basic ideas and other interesting tidbits of information. Because a lot of what we learn early on is influenced by the people around us, Gemini governs siblings, neighbors, and the immediate environment that we traverse in shorts spurts on a daily basis, and so these aspects of life are prominent when the sign travels through this agile sign.


Shady Side:
If there are two sides of the same coin, then Gemini takes this old adage to the next level, which is why this sign has the reputation of being “two-faced”. The negative expression of the Gemini Sun is duplicity. Whether or not this bi-polar nature is intended to be deceitful, it is often maligned as such by those who are weary to wake up next to the “evil” twin. Easily bored, we are likely to stir the pot for the sake of entertainment when under the influence of the Sun in Gemini, and superficiality of consciousness can make it so the consequences of this instigation fail to be considered.

The tendency to switch it up with no apparent rhyme, reason, or warning is frightening to those who would rather know what to expect, but still anyone or anything influenced by the Gemini Sun reserves the right to change its mind at any given moment, regardless of how contradictory this may seem. Saying one thing but doing another is more likely at this time, as well as leaving projects unfinished once the novelty wears off. As Gemini is the sign of verbal expression, caustic words can cut through soft spots like a lethal weapon just as easily as light-hearted quips are exchanged. It can go either way really, and that’s what is so scary.

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