full moon reflection: 2 [#StarsAndSymbol]

Many people who don’t know much about astrology, and even some of us who work with Stars & Symbols on a daily basis, tend to fear the Full Moon. The word “lunatic” comes to mind [moon = luna]. The feminine energy is feared, and since the moon is the symbolic matrix of all feminine, the Full Moon’s emphasis on our lunar luminary can elicit irrational emotionalism in this patriarchal society. As if insanity were the only option, people expect to go crazy!


Yes, it can be overwhelming, but in my opinion the Full Moon is not as crazy once we realize that whatever we put out is reflected back at us with the same intensity and whatever we feel inwardly is on display for everyone to see. With these things in mind, a full-er, more conscientious awareness is possible, and relationships become tools of mutual self-discovery instead of battlegrounds of projection, resentment, and blame. Personal responsibility is key to balancing the push and pull of the Full Moon, and that balance will lead to holistic enlightenment if only we allow it.

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