gemini new moon 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

6/4/2016 @ 11:00 pm EST


Numerology of the Day:

[6+4+2+0+1+6 = 19, 1 + 9 = 10, 1+0 = 1]


Like the fateful moments before the Big Bang [theoretically] exploded in a dazzling display of unadulterated life force energy, particles of apparent nothingness are colliding violently to form the perfect storm of pure creative potential that is the number 1.

Just as phallic as its symbol suggests,  1 is the spark of potent possibility that penetrates past the formulaic fixtures of the world to stimulate the origination of new forms. Through sheer will power and singular focus, 1 is able to bring to fruition anything it so chooses, even if it is inconceivable to those who lack visionary awareness. 1 is the number that represents the pioneer or the inventor that changes the course of life with the bright idea he or she manifests.

Think of 1 as a magic wand, in that when it is directed with deliberate intention, life can be exactly as one wishes it to be. This is an example of the determination inherent in this number, as well as its leadership qualities. Not everyone, however, appreciates such dominant force, so it is wise to be present and personalize interactions on a case by case basis when wielding the commanding essence of the number 1. Even if domination is explicitly the goal [hey… it happens], a thoughtlessly offensive presentation is a surefire way to become public enemy number one.

The lowest expression of the number 1 is probably its propensity for egotism and self-centeredness. After all, it is hard not to take things personal when one think itself the center of the universe. When negative, people resonating with this energy will stop at nothing to win, even to the detriment and alienation of others.

Although extremely individualistic, 1 signifies total, undivided unification. In this aspect, 1 reminds us of how, when concentrated and in perfect alignment, anything can happen. Pay special attention to any “firsts” that come to be, as there is something magical about doing something that has never been done before.


Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence for Gemini:
The Lovers


As the sixth card in the tarot’s Major Arcana, The Lovers evokes the balance needed to unify life’s opposing forces, the best example of which is the fateful union of two stars that are bound by divine celestial orchestration to cross paths. The nature of such an encounter could go either way, but whether it is the dawn of an incomparable romance or the figurative golden apple that incites the best epic, the archetypal attraction depicted in this card has the power to alter the course of history.

As profound as it can be, a love like this isn’t guaranteed to last forever, although its myth might just be legendary. This energy is subject to changes of heart, clandestine love affairs, and the scandalous revelation of a double life. Paradise is as easily indulged as it is revoked by a higher power or, perhaps worse, coveted by envious onlookers. There is no way to anticipate how it will all end, so the only option is to be mindful of all associations and to adapt to the infinite variety of variables at any given moment.


The New Moon is the monthly meeting of the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. This combination makes for a great potency that, when harnessed, encourages anything that is initiated or asked. The best time to set New Moon intentions is the following few days after the aspect is exact, once the dust has settled, but the day of is usually fine too. Warning: avoid setting intentions before the New Moon is exact and/or during the void-of-course moon. [See below for the best times to make your wish.]

This New Moon is in the sign of Gemini


Element: Air
Modality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
House Association: Third House
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Tarot Card: The Lovers
Duality, Elementary Education, Street Smarts, Curiosity, Trivia, Multitasking, Storytelling, The News, Communications, Blogging, Social Media

I was told once by John Guare, as I unloaded his apartment of old plays he wanted to give away, to “never do two things at once!” Slowly I placed box #2 on the floor and held on to to box #1 for dear life, knowing I was living one of those moments that would become a story I tell in the future. Growing up in the age of ADD, his words were ones I took to heart, and I remembered them whenever my focus would begin to split.

Although I am appreciative of the message this playwright bestowed upon me, I feel like the time has come to actively disagree with Mr. Guare’s advice in the name of Gemini. The first air sign of the zodiac, also known as The Twins, Gemini represents the dualistic potential of cosmic consciousness. So dexterous is this sign that it is actually at its best when juggling multiple activities, emotions, and ideas.

The New Moon is a time of singular concentration, but with the New Moon in Gemini, our awareness will likely be agile enough to entertain more than one circumstance simultaneously. This is the chance for those of us with too much on our plates, who feel like the only solution would be to double team the day with a clone in tandem. Now we are empowered to take on more than we thought humanly possible.

Part of the reason we are so inclined to double up is Gemini’s tendency toward hyper-stimulation. The Twins get bored more easily than other signs, as they are too quick-witted to be entertained by the same thing for more than a fleeting moment. When there is more than one option at hand, we are able to switch it up to keep life exciting, and that is the key to staying youthful. Whoever is thinking of initiating a second source of income,  in the process of conceiving baby number two, or on the brink of declaring a double major will be encouraged with a boost of energy and an indefatigable mind that thinks of cool new ways to tackle a to-do list that can’t help but multiply. This is the best way to remain engaged under the influence of the Gemini New Moon.

There are many ways to stay engaged but mental connection is a must for any endeavor that is being initiated under the Gemini New Moon. The classroom setting, combining intellectualism with lighthearted socialization, is the perfect place to be during this time. Doesn’t really matter what is being taught, but hopefully it’s as close to truth as it can be. The local park, the coffee shop, the bus stop… Such curious places are these. Let’s go there and see what happens. Boost your Gemini New Moon intentions by getting together with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and childhood friends to bounce ideas and sharpen your sword. Going out and meet new friends is also an option.


Besides being at one with the Sun in Gemini, the Moon will form a super tight conjunction with Venus in Gemini. Venus’ influence infuses this new beginning with the subtle powers of charm and cooperation. Money is another Venus buzzword, and if anyone is looking to circulate more of it, let that be known. Because of Venus’ close proximity to the New Moon, we have the ability to magnetize toward us anything that we esteem to be pleasurable. If we don’t indulge our own personal preferences, who else will? The New Moon is also in an edgy square aspect to Jupiter in Virgo, pushing us outside of our safe space and perhaps prompting us to change our minds. This might manifest as excessive anxiety and unhealthy binging for those of who have difficulty adjusting. Gemini and Virgo as pure archetypal energies rub each other the wrong way, and while they can learn to work together with a lot of patience, they are essentially at cross-purposes. All these planets are at 14 degrees of their respective signs. Although the Moon/Jupiter square is probably too close for comfort, the uneasiness will be dying down by the time the New Moon is exact. So that might help. Wishfully, it will…

In the same vein, the dark Moon [as it approaches newness] will be recovering from an emotionally overwhelming square to Neptune at 12 degrees Pisces, as well as a restrictive opposition to Retrograde Saturn at 12 degrees Sagittarius. These are growing pains more than anything else. Again, there may be some roadblacks and disappoints, but the height of it will have peaked by the time the Moon joins the Sun in their perfect monthly union. In other words, if there is any difficulty or stress leading up to the New Moon, that specific energy is not likely to get any worse than it already is, at least not in the immediate future. Every circumstance has karmic repercussions that come back around, however, so we must be mindful of the way we express ourselves as we approach the new lunar cycle, especially the words we use and the stories we tell. Is that gossip I hear? Probaby…

Positively, we can use the inner conflict of this New Moon Mutable Grand [Sun+Moon+Venus in Gemini opposite Saturn in Sagittarius, square Neptune in Pisces & Jupiter in Virgo] Cross as motivation to continue growing and integrating all that we experience, becoming more confident in our ability to draw the line and establish healthy boundaries with each tast that we pass. Sometimes it’s as easy as learning when to say “no” when a “yes” is inappropriate, which can be challenging for the four mutable signs. The mutable signs of the zodiac represent transitions, adaptability, and the exchange of information. They encourage us to shake up what has become boring and make new connections that allow us to keep evolving; to go with the flow. By the same token, the mutable signs have more trouble honoring commitments and following through, and are most likely to suffer instability. Naturally, those most affected [AND most inspired] by this Gemini New Moon will be people who identify as Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces. If you resonate with one or more or ALL of those signs, this is your chance to relieve tension by channeling it into the creation of the next chapter of your life!

I think the thing to remember during this New Moon in Gemini, regardless of the the wishes we make, is the importance of communication. As long as something is being communicated to someone, especially with is the communication is inspired by a deliberate intention, then we are off to a great start. But just because there is an important message to deliver doesn’t mean the delivery can’t be a creative.

Every sign has thirty degrees, and this month the Sun and Moon meet in Gemini  at the 14th degree, the symbolic image of this degree according to Janduz is, “By a riverside, a man tries to break a big stone with a small hammer. Instead of straddling the river, the bridge runs parallel to one of the banks.” Does that mean anything to you?


Affirmation Assignment:

Light two identical candles and set an equal distance apart, relative to your space. Light one and then light the other. Stand between the candles and write down one of your intentions. Write it down a second time. After writing your intention twice, speak your intention, and then speak it a second time. Rip or cut the paper in two pieces so that each piece has the intention written in full. Take both pieces in each hand and burn them in the separate flames simultaneously. Speak the intention once more as the papers begin to burn. Take the ashes, as well as the burnt out candle wax, and leave it all at the nearest crossroads next time you go out. Be discreet if necessary.

BEFORE YOU BURN DOWN THE HOUSE, however, why not set the mood? Here are some easy to find materials and resources you might wish to incorporate as talismans to boost the power of your cosmic requests and affirmations…

Colors [for Candles, Clothing, etc]: Yellow
Plants/Herbs/Spices: Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Vervain/Lemon Verbena
Crystals: Citrine
Metal: Quicksilver


Intention Setting Timeline:
As mentioned above, it is best to avoid setting intentions BEFoRE the New Moon reaches the point of its exactitude and DURiNG the void-of-course moon, as both scenarios would weaken the celestial receptivity we have been discussing. Here are periods of time I believe are best to set intentions, make a wish, or request a preference…

Saturday June 4th, anytime after 11:00 pm EST
Sunday, June 5th, before 12:47 pm and/or after 11:47 pm EST
Monday, June 6th, anytime all day EST


I wish that all of your ambidextrous dreams come true,

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