sagittarius full moon 2016, again! [#StarsAndSymbols]

6/20/2016 @ 7:02 am EST


Numerology of the Day: 8
[6+2+0+2+0+1+6= 17 = 1+7 = 8]


What goes around comes around is the idea behind the number 8. Just like the symbol of infinity, this number embodies endlessness. 8 can be the gift that keeps on giving, or it can represent the shackles of bondage to an oppressive circumstance. The result of the 8 energy depends on how its power is wielded. The get back is only as strong as the put out, sort of like karma. Or exactly like karma. If every action has an equal and opposite reaction, then whoever reads this better act accordingly, or else.

Once this personal responsibility is assumed, 8 can elevate ordinary individuals to executive heights. 8 is related to the archetype of the boss, one who has self-control and well as power of the circumstances of subordinates. Ambition, business, and corporation all fall under the rule of this authoritative number. Not so positively, the number 8 may be cumbersome and sensitive to the pressures of this gravitational existence, so people who identify with this vibration must often fight through fatalism. With discipline and balance, 8 can achieve greatness.


Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence for Sagittarius:
XIV | Temperance


After dealing with some of the Tarot’s more extreme archetypal circumstances, Temperance pops out of the deck as a reminder of moderation. Sometimes it’s more appropriate to lay back and be patient, even as the world seems to be spinning out of control. Do what must be done, but beware of doing too much too soon. Depending on the stakes of the situation, maybe it’s better to leave it alone altogether, whatever “it” may be.

Even in the bleakest of conditions, there is always a way to make the circumstance work, even if it takes a little magic in the form of alchemy. To be cliche, take all the lemons that life has given and make the best lemonade that lemons can make – with some other helpful ingredients, of course. Perhaps it’s best to focus less on getting rid of something [or someone] bothersome and to concentrate on transmuting trouble to triumph instead, thereby ensuring that victory will be the destination of this long journey.

Rather than acting thoughtlessly or giving into reckless reactivity, Temperance urges us to ponder the possibilities of the future, as well as how they may be affected. Play around with all available elements and realign resources to elicit exciting new effects and create unexplored contexts. The decision to bide time shouldn’t render one inactive. Anyone who equates apparent stillness to stasis is foolish, and more likely than not, that fool will be the one who ends up holding the losing hand.



The Full Moon is the monthly separation of the Sun [ego, identity, expression] and Moon [empathy, intuition, emotion], as they assume their most distant positions in opposite signs. This great space between our luminary bodies allows for a more comprehensive awareness of the energy that has been building, as the moon is illuminated to maximum capacity, revealing momentarily the mysteries of the creation cycle that once were [and will be again] concealed behind the nocturnal veil. Just as visibility increases to supernatural proportions, the emotional atmosphere is heightened prompting what seem to be unusual experiences and outbursts. The earthly realm becomes a mirror image of this cosmic standoff. Holistic awareness and dynamic self-expression are the blessings of the full moon, but a long overdue confrontation could be the prerequisite roadblock that makes it challenging to receive them. The goal is to recognize hidden facets of self instead of projecting dark revelations onto partners/opponents. Then and only then will personal balance be made possible, and thus all else is resolved. In the meantime, as the opposition builds, be prepared to go back and forth.

The Sun is shining on both sides of Gemini, but the Moon’s shift into Sagittarius will reveal even MORE. Why is Sagittarius considered opposite of multi-faceted Gemini?


Element: Fire
Modality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Opposite Sign: Gemini
House Association: Ninth House
Day of the Week: Thursday
Keywords: Confidence, Improvisation, Broadcasting, Cultural Customs, Foreign Affairs, Law, Morality, Religion, Higher Learning, Philosophy, Adventure, Speculation, Optimism, Leaps of Faith, The Big Picture

While the Sun in Gemini lives to experience as many different [sometimes contradictory] realities as possible for the sake of child-like curiosity, the Moon in Sagittarius feels the need to explore diverse ways of life in hopes of finding the greater meaning of this existence. Where the Gemini Sun is fueled by novelty and the prospect of gathering bits and pieces trivia for a later date, the Sagittarius Moon is hungry to seek and receive one big conceptual truth about life that inspires a sense of direction. For some this Full moon opposition may be experienced as combative skepticism that challenges any story that seems too sensational to be true. Others might find their blind faith being deflated by an unapologetic fact-checker. The tension, however it manifests, is likely to revolve around the question of truth, specifically what is right versus what is wrong? This isn’t only a matter of fact versus fiction, but also a conversation of morals and religious righteousness. Speaking of which, religion and other high-minded concepts are emphasized right now, whether as an confirmation of belief or an inward doubt that seems to be reaching its peak. Honesty is everything at the end of the day, but don’t be surprised if a revelation of truth proves too inconvenient for some of us to receive with open arms.

No matter how righteous one may be, everyone will have to reckon with his or her animalistic urges and impulses whenever The Centaur [half-man/half-horse] is the predominant energy. Be careful of preaching one thing, but doing another, because hypocrites will be called out. It might be best to let actions speak for themselves, and give everyone the freedom to do as they please.

Room to roam is integral to Sagittarius’ growth-oriented inclinations, and anyone caged in is liable to lash out as this moon reaches peak fullness. Thanks to this Sagittarian influence, matters that are otherwise minute may be expanded so that we see them more clearly and comprehend them in their greatest totality. Now is the time to perceive new developments and trajectories for old projects so that all the potential is maximized and no possibility is left unexplored. Keep in mind Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, also known as the Great Benefic. Jupiter’s rulership endows Sagittarius with great fortune and opportune timing, so many people are likely to get lucky and receive second chances. Some people probably feel as though they are blessed with a guardian angel who is working double time to ward off any evil that is revealing itself right now.

It is also worth noting that Gemini is the sign that represents duality, or division of oneness, so we start to notice distinctions with this sign. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is inclusive and searches for the common thread links us all despite socio-cultural boundaries and others borders erected to keep us separate. Because of this, it is likely that many will feel pulled to embrace similarities. This might be an unfamiliar feeling for those who are use to pointing out differences. Maybe it’s possible to honor the quirks that distinguish us while still looking for likeness wherever it may be. Ruling over long distances, large-scale publishing, and all global affairs, Sagittarius transcends these lines so that the local narrative reaches a much broader audience.

As the Sun and Moon move into an exact opposition, resulting in the moon’s fullness, there are other important astrological planetary interactions, or aspects as they’re called, that will affect this Full Moon. All of these aspects are tight and building toward exactitude at the time of the Full Moon’s climax, which makes them stronger.

First, Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius are in opposition. This might manifest as a verbal agreement or a contract that is being fulfilled, or maybe a commitment that requires social concerns to be juggled with  business demands. Since it is an opposition, it is not farfetched to think that there is some message or conversation that exposes a flaw in an established structure, institution, or symbol of authority. Perhaps there is a social event that promises fun but is in direct conflict with a professional engagement or a major responsibility. This opposition calls us to balance personal interests with personal duties, and also to address any system that is deemed dysfunctional. Saturn is Retrograde, so something that used to be solid is now up for inspection. Be careful with transportation and stay up to date with oil changes.

Next, Jupiter is conjunct the North Node, both together in Virgo. As mentioned above, Jupiter is a beneficial influence. The North Node is a point in the sky, rather than a planet, that represents an affirmation and serves as a focus point for to guarantee alignment with the soul’s purpose. If any astrological factor suggests destiny, it is the North Node. With grandiose Jupiter moving toward a perfect union with the North Node, one might say we have an abundance of chances to move in the right direction, or to progress tremendously in this journey called life. By emphasizing [Jupiter] anything having to do with holistic health, wellness, and mindbody connection [Virgo], great strides will be made toward a fateful realization [North Node]. This could change everything.

Lastly, there is conjunction building as Ceres approaches Uranus in Aries. Ceres is a nourishing influence, teaching us to cultivate and foster growth. Uranus is the great awakener that brings sudden flashes of insight, like bolts of revelatory lightning, as well as catalyzing emancipation from oppressive rules, regulations, and social norms. Together in autonomous Aries, these planets encourage everyone to nurture his or her independence and think outside the box for the sake of progress and a better, less conventional, and more humanity future. 1984 is not an option, so this is the wake up call, a red pill of sorts. The best way to care for loved ones is to let them experiment and be free to live as they please, as long as nobody is hurt in the process. This energy is conducive to forming a lively bond that is not suffocating, unhealthy, or codependent.

The saving grace of this Full Moon in Sagittarius is the power of prayer. For anyone who is not religious, this may be considered affirmation or mantra. No matter what may happen, faith can move mountains and overcome obstacles, even if it’s as simple as a changed perspective that encourages solutions to be found where none existed previously. Be blessed, and more importantly, be open!

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