sun in cancer 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Sun enters Cancer
6/20/2016 @ 6:34 pm EST until 7/22/2016


What is: the Sun?


The core of your personality is illuminated by the Sun sign. As the sun takes thirty days to travel through each one of the twelve zodiac signs, so each one has a month in the spotlight. Just like the sun in the solar system, everything revolves around the astrological Sun as the main source of vitality and awareness, and so it is the energy from which every creative expression emanates. It is also an emblem of the human ego. The space occupied by the Sun is where one feels most alive, important, and unique.


What is: Cancer?

Crab Wallpapers 02[1].jpg

the crab

Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Moon
Opposite Sign: Capricorn
House Association: Fourth House
Day of the Week: Monday
Tarot Card: The Chariot
Family, Patriotism, Homeland Security, Self-Defense, Empathy, Cycles and Phases, Imagination, Homemaking, Interior Design, Hospitality, Shelter, Foster Care, Attachment


Sun in Cancer

Sunny Side:

At its best, the Cancer Sun is the warmth generated by a familiar embrace and the imaginative instincts that flourish within the shelter of the domestic sphere. These cozy tableaus are re-creations of the womb from which all life is born. Ancestral roots and blood-bound attachments are central to existence when the Sun is in Cancer. Safe spaces like these, reminiscent of the nurturing protection of the archetypal great mother, have a way of inspiring some of the most evocative expressions of self. Individuals live not only for themselves, but also for the ones who have come before and all the ones who will come after. Family is everything.

Consciousness is heavily influenced by the intuition and other subtle impressions received from the outside world. This means invisible realm of emotions, memories, and dreams will be made visible as every one gets up close and personal with his or her own subconscious mind, which will increase the power of the psychic undercurrent so that telepathic perception is possible. Naturally, emotional consideration is a major factor in all areas of life during this time, and even the coldest heart is more likely to administer a surprising dose of TLC.

Shady Side:

Because of the empathetic awareness inherent in this placement, many qualities will be displayed that don’t make logical sense. Unusual, quirky behavior may leave onlookers confused, which means that someone’s idiosyncrasies will be called out, and that person could be left feeling like the black sheep for approaching life sideways instead of being straightforward. With a tough exterior and soft body, the Sun in the sign of The Crab can expose personal contradictions. Moods shift as frequently as the moon changes faces, so crabbiness is to be expected, and remember: any feelings bubbling below the surface will be clear as day [to the disappointment of those who’d prefer to keep their sentiments to themselves – sorry, the sun shines on everything].  

Watch out for those claws, because even when they are not pinching as a defense mechanism, they will cling for dear life. There is nothing wrong with cultivating closeness in relationships, but there is a thin line between intimacy and unhealthy attachment. Nothing and no one can be held onto forever.

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