leo new moon: 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

8/2/2016 @ 4:44 pm EST


Numerology of the Day:

[8+2+2+0+1+6 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1]


Like the fateful moments before the Big Bang [theoretically] exploded in a dazzling display of unadulterated life force energy, particles of apparent nothingness are colliding violently to form the perfect storm of pure creative potential that is the number 1.

Just as phallic as its symbol suggests,  1 is the spark of potent possibility that penetrates past the formulaic fixtures of the world to stimulate the origination of new forms. Through sheer will power and singular focus, 1 is able to bring to fruition anything it so chooses, even if it is inconceivable to those who lack visionary awareness. 1 is the number that represents the pioneer or the inventor that changes the course of life with the bright idea he or she manifests.

Think of 1 as a magic wand, in that when it is directed with deliberate intention, life can be exactly as one wishes it to be. This is an example of the determination inherent in this number, as well as its leadership qualities. Not everyone, however, appreciates such dominant force, so it is wise to be present and personalize interactions on a case by case basis when wielding the commanding essence of the number 1. Even if domination is explicitly the goal [hey… it happens], a thoughtlessly offensive presentation is a surefire way to become public enemy number one.

The lowest expression of the number 1 is probably its propensity for egotism and self-centeredness. After all, it is hard not to take things personal when one think itself the center of the universe. When negative, people resonating with this energy will stop at nothing to win, even to the detriment and alienation of others.

Although extremely individualistic, 1 signifies total, undivided unification. In this aspect, 1 reminds us of how, when concentrated and in perfect alignment, anything can happen. Pay special attention to any “firsts” that come to be, as there is something magical about doing something that has never been done before.


Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence for Leo:


Rarely does brute force subdue the mightiest of beasts. Where physical intimidation and unsophisticated aggression fail, purity of will prevails every time. There is something undeniable about a being that aligns itself with the most noble posture, for it dares entities it encounters to aspire to a similarly regal disposition, and this tactic can be dramatically more effective than a thoughtlessly blunt attempt at a take down attack.


The New Moon is the monthly meeting of the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. This combination makes for a great potency that, when harnessed, encourages anything that is initiated or asked. The best time to set New Moon intentions is the following few days after the aspect is exact, once the dust has settled, but the day of is usually fine too. Warning: avoid setting intentions before the New Moon is exact and/or during the void-of-course moon. [See below for the best times to make your wish.]

This New Moon is in the sign of Leo


the lion
Element: Fire
Modality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Sun
Opposite Sign: Aquarius
House Association: Fifth House
Day of the Week: Sunday
Tarot Card: Strength
Performance Art, Melodrama, Romance, Praise, Nobility, Amusement, Entertainment, Show Business, Creative Directing, Leadership, Self-Awareness, Ego

Self-love is the predominant energy right now. Love in general is always the goal, but it must begin in each and every one of us before it can be given or received from an external source. Positivity prevails at the moment, so we won’t get too heavy, but just know that some of us have been struggling with our own identities. If you are one of those individuals, this is a sign to recognize your how important you are. Isn’t it about time we are inspired to take pride in who we are, hold our heads up high, and act as if we deserve to be here. Let’s tell ourselves today, and each day that follows, “I am alive and I live my best life.” The cool thing is that when we tell that to ourselves, we also tell that to other people.

Now is our chance to stand out. Now is our chance to bask in the spotlight. Now is our chance to make an impression that is as grand as it is dramatic. After all, we are given eyes to enjoy the spectacle that is life, so why not celebrate a good show? People who suffer from crippling shyness, introversion, or social anxiety might find that they are surprisingly at ease in environments that encourage outgoing personalities right now, so play along while you are being supported, and watch your stage fright turn into stage presence of legendary proportions.

Creativity is heightened at this time, so this is the best possible moment to be an artist of any kind. Go out and audition, pitch a show to that important producer, sketch a new character, create your own content to show the world what you’re made of. Anyone who has been uninspired or doubtful of his or her art will be revitalized as a creator by any projects or pieces initiated now. For anyone who doesn’t label themselves as an artist: it’s okay to take up space and put yourself out there by taking a creative risk or personalizing your work in ways that command attention. Be amazed at how significantly your audience grows as you perform to the best of your ability. Dullness turns to dazzle when fun and flair are embraced without reservation, fear, or insecurity.

There is so much love in the air that it is contagious. Isn’t that great news for us, especially after all the heartache and pain? Anyone looking to mix and mingle will experience romance as it blossoms in the form of first dates and extravagant displays of love. There is something so fulfilling about designating someone or something as special and expressing affection in that direction as much as possible. When true love is shared, it enhances the lives of everyone involved, and all is well. It is likely that even the most emotionally unavailable souls will be more open-hearted at this time, and that is beautiful, but we must all beware of taking personally things that have nothing to do with us. Just as I am the star of my own show, you are naturally the star of yours.

When in doubt, let’s try remember what life was like when we were children. If possible, make the deliberate decision to enjoy quality time with your favorite youngsters or even adults you consider to be “big kids” at heart. People who honor their inner child will help you to loosen up and role play your ideal life into existence. Just like the days when we played pretend and acted out who we would be when we grow up, the intent now is to assume creative control of lives, and commit to making each moment its own masterpiece.

Every sign has thirty degrees, and this month the Sun and Moon meet in Leo at the 10th degree. The symbolic image of this degree according to Janduz is, “Two scantily dressed women are seated in the company of a man at a table where a sumptuous dinner is served. Does that mean anything to you?


Affirmation Assignment:

 Write a love letter. Seal it with a kiss. Anything goes.

BEFORE YOU DOCUMENT YOUR ADMIRATION, why not set the mood? Here are some easy to find materials and resources you might wish to incorporate as talismans to boost the power of your cosmic requests and affirmations…

Colors [for Candles, Clothing, etc]: Yellow, Orange, Golden Brown
Plants/Herbs/Spices: Bay, Cinnamon, Goldenseal
Crystals: Citrine, Amber, Gold
Metal: Gold


Intention Setting Timeline:
As mentioned above, it is best to avoid setting intentions BEFoRE the New Moon reaches the point of its exactitude and DURiNG the void-of-course moon, as both scenarios would weaken the celestial receptivity we have been discussing. Here are periods of time I believe are best to set intentions, make a wish, or request a preference…

Tuesday, August 2nd, anytime after 4:44 pm EST
Wednesday, August 3rd, anytime all day EST
Thursday, August 4th, anytime before 1:13 am EST and/or after 3:34 am EST