aquarius full moon 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

8/18/2016 @ 5:27 am EST

Numerology of the Day: 8
[7+1+9+2+0+1+6= 26 = 2+6 = 8]


What goes around comes around is the idea behind the number 8. Just like the symbol of infinity, this number embodies endlessness. 8 can be the gift that keeps on giving, or it can represent the shackles of bondage to an oppressive circumstance. The result of the 8 energy depends on how its power is wielded. The get back is only as strong as the put out, sort of like karma. Or exactly like karma. If every action has an equal and opposite reaction, then whoever reads this better act accordingly, or else.

Once this personal responsibility is assumed, 8 can elevate ordinary individuals to executive heights. 8 is related to the archetype of the boss, one who has self-control and well as power of the circumstances of subordinates. Ambition, business, and corporation all fall under the rule of this authoritative number. Not so positively, the number 8 may be cumbersome and sensitive to the pressures of this gravitational existence, so people who identify with this vibration must often fight through fatalism. With discipline and balance, 8 can achieve greatness.


Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence for Aquarius:
XVII | The Star




The Full Moon is the monthly separation of the Sun [ego, identity, expression] and Moon [empathy, intuition, emotion], as they assume their most distant positions in opposite signs. This great space between our luminary bodies allows for a more comprehensive awareness of the energy that has been building, as the moon is illuminated to maximum capacity, revealing momentarily the mysteries of the creation cycle that once were [and will be again] concealed behind the nocturnal veil. Just as visibility increases to supernatural proportions, the emotional atmosphere is heightened prompting what seem to be unusual experiences and outbursts. The earthly realm becomes a mirror image of this cosmic standoff. Holistic awareness and dynamic self-expression are the blessings of the full moon, but a long overdue confrontation could be the prerequisite roadblock that makes it challenging to receive them. The goal is to recognize hidden facets of self instead of projecting dark revelations onto partners/opponents. Then and only then will personal balance be made possible, and thus all else is resolved. In the meantime, as the opposition builds, be prepared to go back and forth.

The Sun shines brightest when it is in Leo, but somehow the Moon in Aquarius is just as brilliant. What makes warm Leo the opposite sign of cool Aquarius?


the water bearer
Element: Air
Modality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Saturn [Traditional]/Uranus [Modern]
Opposite Sign: Leo
House Association: Eleventh House
Day of the Week: Saturday
Keywords: Futurism, Social Progress, Technology, Electricity, Metaphysics, Revelations, Lucid Dreams, New Age, Utopia, Friendship, Humanitarianism, Equality, Revolution, Disruption, The Unexpected

While the Sun in Leo boasts the heartbeat, aka the life force that is vital to each individual’s existence, The Moon in Aquarius asks us to reflect on the electric current that connects all of us as a collective of light bodies. The Sun in Leo is much more personally concerned and self-conscious than the Aquarius Moon, which is in sync with the subtle frequencies of the masses. The conflict of this Full Moon is balancing the inclination to live for special VIP treatment and the knowledge of special we are as a community when all of our pulses align for the greater good.

When the Sun is in Leo, we are hyper aware of our own importance, and many of us elevate the part we play in this cosmic drama to such a degree that we achieve top billing. There is nothing inherently wrong with standing center stage in this way, but because the ego can be so consuming, we are inclined to flatter ourselves by taking personally things that really have nothing to do with us. Naturally, this can be more exhausting than invigorating. At some point we must realize that we are all connected in ways that are not always so apparent, which means we are all affected by the same issues, albeit in unique ways. Instead of isolating ourselves by choosing to have a “why me?” attitude, we might find comfort knowing that we are not as alone in our trials and tribulations or even our glories as we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.

This Full Moon in Aquarius challenges the people to go “off-book” and see what happens when the script we’ve been reading from is finally disregarded for the purpose of releasing a pent-up stream of [un]consciousness that may very well elicit more shock and awe than it does applause. This is the time to defy any authority, institution, or mandate that is oppressive in any way. Riot, revolt, rebel. This defiance can be as simple as revealing an unflattering truth, because although such a revelation would disrupt the well-curated identities we have created for ourselves, it would surely be more relatable to a larger amount of people who could use some solidarity at this time.

There is great relief in stripping away the pretense of the persona to awaken a new paradigm in which all types of lifestyles and experiences [even the ones that aren’t considered fabulous, glorious, or worthy of attention] are brought to light in order to give a voice to the voice-less and catalyze a progressive movement of universal proportions. Allowing all types of feelings arise without judgment or attachment, no matter how unorthodox, unexpected, or extremely radical they may be, is the key to resolving this internal dichotomy.

For those us who are resisting the flow of energy, this may be a highly charged time full of interruptions, disturbances, and nervous stress. Could all this “chaos” be a sign that there is urgent message trying to break through the veneer that is being presented? If so, then let’s allow it to come out however it sees fit, and let all expectations fall by the wayside in favor of the present moment. When things don’t go as planned, try to replace the idea of “failure” by reflecting on your experiences in the context of an experiment. We have the power to embrace the mad scientist archetype that lives within and to play with the variables to achieve different results until we achieve that one that works best. Pay attention to mundane occurrences because there may be masked messages that have alternate meanings when interpreted metaphysically. Nothing is random.

Relationships that are normally full of warmth could be too cold for comfort right now. Maybe it feels like we’re not receiving the affection we used to. Perhaps it seems as though our lovers, friends, family and partners are apathetic to our attempts to reach out and unimpressed by our accomplishments. First of all, it is never a bright idea to depend on someone else for validation or love. Second, we must remember that sometimes our loved ones are going through their own things of which we know very little and they are unable to show us love in those moments. We all know what it feels like to disconnect from intimacy for fear that we would be ostracized if anyone really knew what was going on inside of us, so let’s try to be patient with those who are distant right now. If you are the one who is holding back to avoid alienation, try to think back to a time when your unpopular emotional insight was met with an emphatic “me too!” Before we reconnect with the ones we love, we must first reconnect with ourselves, as detachment can result in internal numbness. Numbness is the gateway to losing touch with one’s center, and when one has no center, one is at risk of going off track. Let’s check in and ask ourselves, “How do I feel right now?” Be honest.

At its best and in perfect balance, this Full Moon enables us to make space for every aspect of life that did not previous fit into the pretty picture we were painting. Everything has its place, and everyone plays a part that is just as important as the next. Remember, we don’t have to be primetime players to tell the stories that most need to be told, because the revolution was never meant to be televised. Let’s notice how far we’ve come, how much progress we’ve made, how many boundaries we’ve broken. Let’s celebrate technology and find better ways to make it work for us. Let’s recognize how the future has everything to do with our attitudes and our actions right now in this very moment.

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