libra new moon 2016 [#StarsAndSymbols]

New Moon in Libra
9/30/2016 @ 8:11 PM EST
Numerology of the Day: 3
[9/30/2016 = 9+3+0+2+0+1+6 = 21 = 2+1= 3]



Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence
: Justice




The New Moon is the monthly meeting of the Sun and the Moon in the same sign. This combination makes for a great potency that, when harnessed, encourages anything that is initiated or asked. The best time to set New Moon intentions is the following few days after the aspect is exact, once the dust has settled, but the day of is usually fine too. Warning: avoid setting intentions before the New Moon is exact and/or during the void-of-course moon. [See below for the best times to make your wish.]

This New Moon is in the sign of Libra


the Scales
Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Venus
Opposite Sign: Aries
House Association: Seventh House
Day of the Week: Friday
Tarot Card: Justice
Keywords: Scales of Justice, Peace Treaties, Diplomacy, Politics, Compromise, Balance, Harmonics, Aesthetic Sensitivity, Leverage, Interpersonal Awareness, Social Refinement, Indulgence


Since this New Moon is in Libra, sign symbolized by The Scales, the wishes you make and the intentions you set will be most powerful when they are in alignment with Libran themes such as relationships, aesthetics (beauty, style, fashion, the arts, etc.), and anything having to do with balance, peace, harmony, equality, & justice.
Libra, as an archetype, represents seeing oneself and the world through the eyes of another, so this energy is highly aware of the “other” perspective in any given situation. Because of this it is important to watch out for indecision and being “on the fence” for too long without making a move. Once the options are weighed, commit to the most appropriate action, and be prepared for the inevitable “equal & opposite” reaction.
BTW: Libra is the ONLY sign that is not represented by a human or an animal. The Scales are an inanimate object. In other words, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL 😉 Just take it, and make it work. Allow it, bruv.
My favorite thing about Libra? When working with this energy, we all have the potential to identify the best angle of any circumstance so that even in the worst predicament, we can spin the story to make it work for us in some capacity rather than allowing the “bad” to throw us off balance. Libra rules persuasion, so with a little creativity, a lot of charm, and a solid argument, every conceivable problem is as good as resolved.
As mentioned above, it is best to avoid setting intentions BEFoRE the New Moon reaches the point of its exactitude and DURiNG the void-of-course moon, as both scenarios would weaken the celestial receptivity we have been discussing. Here are periods of time I believe are best to set intentions, make a wish, or request a preference…

Best Times To Set Intentions:
– 9/30/16 anytime after 8:11 PM EST
– 10/1/16 anytime, all day EST
– 10/2/16 anytime before 1:43 am & anytime after 3:43 PM EST

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