astrology chart reading: dream kardashian [#StarsAndSymbols]


Blac chyna and Rob Kardashian have welcomed their first child together into the world, and because I practice astrology, the first thing that caught my eye was the birth time included in the reports I was reading. 9:18 am… Any astrologer knows that if a birth time is given to you, then you have to draw up a chart (duh!), so here is my quick interpretation of Dream Kardashian‘s natal chart 🔮🌠🔮


Dream, a Scorpio Sun baby has a [you guessed it!] dreamy Pisces Moon , astrological evidence that she has inherited her ancestral predisposition to become a symbol of the collective unconscious, aka “VERY F*CKING FAMOUS”. Even at a young age she is no stranger to this fantasy [or Twilight Zone] we call Hollywood. It’s in her DNA, obviously.

Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs, which means she will grow into someone who is intuitive and considerate of emotional factors. Because she is so susceptible to the energetic atmosphere, she must beware of the addictive qualities of both signs if ever numbing the sensation of pain becomes a temptation. The Scorpio side of her desires deep, transformative bonds with the people closest to her, and the Pisces part of her plays up the illusion of familiarity, the illusion that we all know her close and personally, although most of us don’t and probably never will. Her personality will be strong and penetrative, but her soft spot will always be her family, the mysterious inner workings of which will define her life more than anything else, as both signs are associated with the unknown. Death, loss, and sacrifice are themes of this energy, but with that comes the profound responsibility of legacy and the powerful opportunity of rebirth.

Speaking of opportunity, as a Sagittarius Rising [with her key planet Jupiter closely conjunct her Midheaven in Libra, square Pluto in Capricorn], she is likely to benefit from her ability to take advantage of big opportunities that present themselves to her, especially when she feels the pressure to turn the bitterest lemons into the sweetest lemonade. With Venus so near to her ascendant, she is likely to be stylish, artistic, and more than willing share her personal charms with others in ways that encourage everyone to continue Keeping Up With the Kardashians with her as she grows into her own unique being before the public eye.

FUN FACT: Dream’s Sagittarius Rising is opposite of North West‘s Gemini Rising. They also have opposite moon signs, Pisces and Virgo respectively.


She is inclined to be sensitive to contemptuous sentiments, especially ones that disrupt the facade of harmony between family, friends, and important women as her Moon/Venus square builds to exactitude. Despite inner emotional tension, this aspect makes for expert diplomat [a potential that is reinforced again by her peace-keeping, socially refined Libra Midheaven]. With all that is going on, especially in post-election America, maybe babies like Dream are being sent her to bring balance to the world.

Ultimately though, even with all the grandiose luxury, privilege, and exposure she has at her disposal, she would benefit from striving toward a more down to earth lifestyle, as suggested by her North Node in minimalist sign Virgo.

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