gemini full moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

December 13, 2016 @ 7:05 PM EST

Numerology of the Day: 7
[12/13/2016 = 1+2+1+3+2+0+1+6 = 16 = 1+6 = 7]


It took God 6 days to create the world, and on the 7th day he rested. Accordingly, 7 is the number that prompts us to stop, seek out solitude, and meditate on the idea of scientific perfection. 7 is also considered a lucky number. From the days of the week to the traditional planets of the solar system, 7 is a highly symbolic number that helps us here on earth make some sense of the the world we live in. Maybe that’s why it takes 7 years to graduate from the teenage stage of life, to process everything absorbed in childhood and reach some level of mature understanding. By the completion of the third set of 7 year intervals, the 21 year old is universally recognized as a legal, consenting adult. It’s a coming of age story that is liberating, but potentially terrifying for those who fear the consequences of their own free will.


Major Arcana Tarot Correspondence: The Lovers


As the sixth card in the tarot’s Major Arcana, The Lovers evokes the balance needed to unify life’s opposing forces, the best example of which is the fateful union of two stars that are bound by divine celestial orchestration to cross paths. The nature of such an encounter could go either way, but whether it is the dawn of an incomparable romance or the figurative golden apple that incites the best epic, the archetypal attraction depicted in this card has the power to alter the course of history.

As profound as it can be, a love like this isn’t guaranteed to last forever, although its myth might just be legendary. This energy is subject to changes of heart, clandestine love affairs, and the scandalous revelation of a double life. Paradise is as easily indulged as it is revoked by a higher power or, perhaps worse, coveted by envious onlookers. There is no way to anticipate how it will all end, so the only option is to be mindful of all associations and to adapt to the infinite variety of variables at any given moment.

The Full Moon is the monthly separation of the Sun [ego, identity, expression] and Moon [empathy, intuition, emotion], as they assume their most distant positions in opposite signs. This great space between our luminary bodies allows for a more comprehensive awareness of the energy that has been building, as the moon is illuminated to maximum capacity, revealing momentarily the mysteries of the creation cycle that once were [and will be again] concealed behind the nocturnal veil. Just as visibility increases to supernatural proportions, the emotional atmosphere is heightened prompting what seem to be unusual experiences and outbursts. The earthly realm becomes a mirror image of this cosmic standoff. Holistic awareness and dynamic self-expression are the blessings of the full moon, but a long overdue confrontation could be the prerequisite roadblock that makes it challenging to receive them. The goal is to recognize hidden facets of self instead of projecting dark revelations onto partners/opponents. Then and only then will personal balance be made possible, and thus all else is resolved. In the meantime, as the opposition builds, be prepared to go back and forth.

The Sun has been shedding light of the plight of half man/half animal Sagittarius, but what does the Moon in Gemini have to be say on the other side of the sky?

Element: Air
Modality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Opposite Sign: Sagittarius
House Association: Third House
Day of the Week: Wednesday
Tarot Card: The Lovers
Duality, Elementary Education, Street Smarts, Curiosity, Trivia, Multitasking, Storytelling, The News, Communications, Blogging, Social Media

Where Sagittarius is concerned with seeking out the true meaning behind the information that is exchanged, Gemini is preoccupied with the skill of storytelling. When the Moon is in Gemini, there is an inner knowing that the delivery of any given message is just as important as the message itself. As we strive to identify the big picture as the Sun illuminates Sagittarius, we are confronted the social tendency to sensationalize the circumstances for the sake of effective communication during this Full Moon in Gemini. While Sagittarius is the sign of inclusion and synthesis, Gemini represents division. Although both signs rule the spectrum of education, Gemini is inclined to move quickly thru elementary data, “the basics”, as opposed to abstract philosopher Sagittarius’ emphasis on higher learning.

On the plus side, this Gemini Full Moon might bring a second chance, a second wind, or maybe it’s that holiday bonus that we’ve all been waiting for! Gemini is the sign of the flip side, the sequel, the changed mind! For anyone dealing with a conflict, it is best to talk it out with someone, because bouncing ideas is great source of emotional relief when the Moon in in Gemini. Ideally, a friend will see new aspects of the situation that we overlook when were too close to be objective.

The Full Moon can be overwhelming on many levels, but it is also a time of revelry, abundance, and long overdue catharsis. When a baby is born on a Full Moon,  or a she or she will internalize the heightened emotionalism of this cosmic climax. To get a feel for this energy and what it symbolizes, let’s look to the stars. Here are some famous examples of Gemini Full Moon children.

[Note: you might know these stars as Sagittarius, because they have all the Sun in Sagittarius, opposite the Moon in Gemini, and that opposition makes the moon full.]

Tina Turner 
[Known for her work with ex-husband Ike Turner followed by her triumphant solo success, she has been dubbed the Queen of Rock and Roll]


Jake Gyllenhaal
[Academy Award nominated Actor and brother of Maggie Gyllenhaal, perhaps best recognized from controversial film Brokeback Mountain]


Alyssa Milano
[Television actress who overcame the odds of child stardom to play in multiple hit shows]


John Kerry
[Current Secretary of State who famously ran against George W. Bush for the US Presidency in 2004]


Margaret Cho
[Politically-inclined, bi-sexual, Asian-American Comedienne]


Billy Idol
[English Punk rock icon of the golden age of MTV, known for hit singles like White Wedding & Rebel Yell]


[This singer-songwriter with pop appeal crossed-over as the first female over the age of 40 to score a #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 since Madonna’s “Music” peaked in 2000]


Kirk Douglas
[Golden Age Actor, Director, Producer and father of Michael Douglas]


Edith Piaf
[French performer known best for her signature song, “La Vie en rose”]


Princess Aiko 
[The Princess Toshi, granddaughter of the Japanese Emporer Akihito]

Princess Aiko

By observing the life and times and work of these individuals, it may be possible to comprehend the tension as well as the relief to be experienced under this Full Moon in Gemini.

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