2017: The Power of #1 [#SuccessfulSuggestions]

2017: THE POWER OF #1
an Intuitive Fusion Report
By Nicholas Dumas Dillihay


If it feels like everyone is excited for 2017, what you are witnessing is the truth. As always, the reason is as simple as addition.

2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10. In numerology, single digits are all there is to consider, so 10 becomes 1 + 0 = 1.  Thus, 2017 is considered a “1 Year”, the beacon of a brand new 9 year cycle. What we began in 2008 [the last 1 year] has come to fruition and it’s time to hit reset. No wonder we’re so excited.

[Be sure to read my follow up article, called “10 Ways to Win 2017]


You see, 1 is a number of pure energetic potential. Anything can happen, and it often does. Spontaneously. Think of the big bang. A raw, creative force, highly concentrated and infinitely powerful, this volatile energy vibrates at such a frenzied frequency that the rhythmic friction becomes a universe, complete and complex unto itself. This universe contains all of eternity and so it is full of active possibility, just like the number 1. Isn’t that exciting?

When 1 is the prevailing number, a new context is born, and nothing else matters except what is happening now. The form is unprecedented and the rules are up in the air. It is up to each individual to perceive the pattern, put a name on it, and make it work. After all, power is nothing if wielded irresponsibly.

Because numerology is an integral part of most mystical mediums, it might be helpful to do some lite interdisciplinary research in order to better comprehend the essence of the number 1 (as it pertains to the year 2017, which is a numerological ‘1’ year, as we have already calculated). Tarot, for example, is one metaphysical system that works with numbers in a pretty obvious way. Thankfully, Tarot [unlike the regular playing card deck] is also full of archetypal, illustrated tableaux that speak to the deepest part of the collective unconscious mind. The first card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana is The Magician. Because The Magician is Tarot card #1, it is an image worth considering before and during 2017, as its themes are likely to be particularly relevant.


The Magician, as one might imagine, carries a magic wand in one hand. Wands and staffs are phallic symbols, just like the number 1, a similar symbol of externalized power. Magicians use wands to direct [and divert] our attention by shifting focus in order to manipulate reality. The magic wand is a tool of command and concentration. Every one in 2017 will be both encouraged and challenged to take control of his or her life by living a more deliberate existence. One’s actions are more effective when aligned with one’s aspirations, and one’s aspirations are fulfilling when they originate from a place of love, truth, and gratitude.

Possibly the most important lesson we can learn from The Magician is to use our resources optimally. If you look at the altar that stands before him, you’ll see the emblems of the four suits of the Tarot’s Minor Arcana: a cup, a pentacle, a sword, and a wand. [If you’re more familiar with the traditional playing card deck, you might recognize these items as hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. Same thing.] These are the resources of The Magician, and each of them represents a different element: water, earth, air, and fire respectively. What this means is that in order to materialize an intangible vision, we must first activate and balance the four elements. Without the elements, life cannot exist in any way, shape, or form, and this The Magician knows better than anyone else. There are many ways, both figuratively and literally, to identify the elements that permeate and define one’s resources, just as there are many ways to incorporate those elements into one’s work, whatever that may be. The key is to be more conscious of the resources that are already within reach [thank God for them!], and then arrange them so intentionally that they take on a new life. Once these tools have been reimagined as props of elemental empowerment, they will begin to facilitate the blessed process of creative manifestation or, as some might call it… magic!


In addition to The Magician, the number 1 is also connected to the Wheel of Fortune [Tarot Card #10] and The Sun [Tarot Card #19], and these cards infuse this number [and this year] with motifs of continuity, connectedness, confidence, consciousness, and creativity. Additionally, the essence of 1 is found in the four Ace cards of the Minor Arcana, which again call to mind the four elements and the potency of this singular number. Meditating on all these Tarot cards and allowing a personal interpretation to arise is one visually stimulating way to grasp the symbolic spirit of 2017.

1 is the number of initiation, so naturally any big debut in the year 2017 will be supercharged and fruitful. That sounds fine and dandy on paper, but how does one go about determining the best move to make? After all, it would be a shame to waste the impressive potential of 2017 on an endeavor that is misguided, uninspired, or dead-ended. Instead of stressing about what to do or what action to take, it might be a better idea for everyone to focus on re-discovering him or herself. When a woman knows who she is and where she comes from and what she likes and what feels fulfilling, she knows instinctively what her next best move is.


2017 will be most rewarding to those who make it a priority to clarify who they are and express this sense of being as boldly as possible. It’s really about going back to basics, back to square one. It’s about being inspired by the truth of life at the most atomic level. Here is where the building blocks of life are found, and if used mindfully, they can make possible the awakening of a new world of possibility. Let’s think of this new world as a blank canvas, eager to be made into a magnum opus by a skillful artist. It is up to each one of us as individuals, of course, to make the first artistic decision. Whatever it is, it would be wise to make it count, as it will be the first impression of the next 9 years.

Happy New Year 2017!
– Nick, of “123Symbology”

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