Weekly Tarot Reading: 1/30/2017 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Weekly Tarot Reading:
 Monday, 1/30/2017


Card 1:
“What Is My Greatest Potential This Week?”

: 7 of Cups

Just because I have the power to indulge doesn’t mean the indulgence is empowering. Instead of being slave to temptation, I can redirect that passion to propel my productivity. By sublimating my desire nature, I attract reward that align with my worth & transcend the fleeting pleasure of instant gratification.


Card 2:
“What Is Being Asked Of Me This Week?”

: 15 – The Devil

This “new” world & all its restrictions might seem like the most terribly oppressive form of bondage, but if I choose to maximize the limitations of my circumstance, such boundaries may be used to clarify/streamline my purpose. I must face my fear and focus on the work.


Card 3:
“What Mystery Is Being Revealed To Me This Week?”

: 19 – The Sun

Through all the seasons, rain or shine, the sun still rises. Perhaps there is something solar about that “80% percent of life is showing up” quote. If that’s the case, then let’s see what life may come when I put myself out there as a mere expression of my own existence, like the sun does every day.


Card 4:
“What Is Supporting Me This Week?”

: 9 – The Hermit

Knowing how and when to draw back and abstain from outside influence will prove beneficial. Because clarity is critical right now, I am being encouraged to respect my “temple” by elevating the space I occupy into a sanctuary of purity and protection against unwanted external energy.


Card 5:
“What Is Challenging Me This Week?” : Page of Swords

It’s not always easy to stay focused when the wind is blowing in every other direction. My test is to cut through distraction, and instead of prematurely changing the subject, I will be better off finding a refreshing perspective of the same old idea until I achieve culmination.


Bonus Oracle Card:
“On Which Sign Must I Focus To Maximize My Potential This Week?”

: Sagittarius

And here’s a song to inspire the week ahead. Since the Moon is in Pisces right now, here is a song by Erykah Badu, one of my favorite Pisces Moon artists.

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6 Celebrities: Aquarius New Moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

The New Moon [which occurs every month when the Moon joins together with the Sun in the same sign] is a moment of dark, concentrated stillness that is ripe for conception, just the like the fertile soil into which we plant seeds. It is the time of potential, possibility, and the promise of growth, when the lunar light begins to increase [until it reaches full illumination approximately two weeks later].

When a baby is born on a New Moon, he or she will internalize this refreshing, focused qualities of this cosmic initiation, specific of course to the sign occupied by our luminaries [aka Sun & Moon]. Here are 6 famous examples of Aquarius New Moon children…



Watch what happens when talk show host Arsenio Hall [the first black host of late night TV show] is interrupted by a gay rights protest in 1991. Aquarius rules issues of humanity, equality, and protest. Minorities, underdogs, and outsiders are represented by Aquarius, the sign that exists on the fringe of society, far from center. It’s also worth noting that the element of surprise is Aquarian.


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Motifs: Atlantic City, NJ [#SuccessfulSuggestions]

In my article “10 Ways to Win 2017“, the first suggestion I offer is to “Establish A Motif”. A motif is a recurring idea or theme that inspires and informs a creative work, a brand, etc. I think the most powerful motifs are also the most fundamental.

For example, the city you were born and/or raised is an easy motif that can provide enough specificity to fuel an entire career. After all, one is a product of one’s origin, and one’s origin will always influence the trajectory of one’s life.


Here is a personal example of how I use my hometown of Atlantic City as a motif by identifying all the fun facts that make it (as well as its inhabitants) uniquely notable. If I remember that all these bullet points live within me regardless of the distances I travel, I will have a reference point that enriches my every expression with the endearing clarity of autobiographical context.

Try to Establish A Motif today! If your motif is your hometown, what are some things you’d list that make it distinct, and what do those things say about you?

Aquarius Season Song: J. Cole / “Change” [#StarsAndSymbols]

Today is the first full day of Aquarius Season [that means the Sun is now, for the next month or so, illuminating the part of space that we have personified as & attributed to the Water Bearer]. Aquarius is the sign of many things, but on this day, as we shift into an inundating state of protest and confront intolerance on all ends, the revolutionary aspect of Aquarius’ nature is strongest in my mind.


My intuition is telling me there’ll be better days.” promises J. Cole in the beginning of a song called “Change” from his latest album 4 Your Eyez Only.

People born when the Sun is in Aquarius, like J. Cole, are stricken periodically with strong flashes of insight that disrupt life as they know it by exposing the artificiality of social constructions/conventions and foreshadowing the reality of the future based on the variables/trends/ideas that are at play in the present moment. Because of the conversations these unexpected insights catalyze, we all pay attention when a Solar Aquarian expresses him or herself creatively. Continue reading

Ancestor Altar 101 [#SuccessfulSuggestions]

As I mentioned in my article “10 Ways to Win 2017“, part of my daily ritual is the regular activation of my ancestor altar. Last week, right before the Full Moon in Cancer climaxed, just a few hours before I flew back to Los Angeles, I set up an ancestor altar in my childhood home. My sister/cousin helped me film it, and I shared it on Facebook to an enthusiastic response. Who knew the remembrance of the dead would resonate so greatly in this so-called modern age?

The ancestry-oriented Cancer Full Moon has reached its peak, and we are past it, but I definitely wanted to upload this video on here for anyone who hasn’t yet seen it. Besides, it’s never too late to say hello to your long, lost loved ones.