6 Celebrities: Aquarius New Moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

The New Moon [which occurs every month when the Moon joins together with the Sun in the same sign] is a moment of dark, concentrated stillness that is ripe for conception, just the like the fertile soil into which we plant seeds. It is the time of potential, possibility, and the promise of growth, when the lunar light begins to increase [until it reaches full illumination approximately two weeks later].

When a baby is born on a New Moon, he or she will internalize this refreshing, focused qualities of this cosmic initiation, specific of course to the sign occupied by our luminaries [aka Sun & Moon]. Here are 6 famous examples of Aquarius New Moon children…



Watch what happens when talk show host Arsenio Hall [the first black host of late night TV show] is interrupted by a gay rights protest in 1991. Aquarius rules issues of humanity, equality, and protest. Minorities, underdogs, and outsiders are represented by Aquarius, the sign that exists on the fringe of society, far from center. It’s also worth noting that the element of surprise is Aquarian.




At the end of her life, after all the shocking circumstances, Lana Turner was as lucid and progressive as ever, like most Aquarian personalities. Take a look at the Hollywood icon’s final interview in 1994.




Aquarius types are not the most available or accessible, but their brilliance is often a result of the enlightenment that comes from stepping out on their own and leaving the place they once called home. Here is Ashton Kutcher, Hollywood icon, remembering his roots.




Aquarius are always intensely knowledgeable and love to share what they know with as many people as possible. They are so bright that they transcend many barriers to breakthrough to large masses of people the world over. Here is Jackie Robinson a bit of baseball technique to Ed Sullivan.




“Roberta, before you were singing, you had a much less spectacular career as a teacher, didn’t you?” The trajectory of the life of someone with a heavy Aquarius signature is experimental to say the least, and like scientists, they are actively involved but off to the side at the same time… observing. The lives and life works of these people are always enhanced by some club or organization. Roberta Flack is no exception.




Aquarian people, like former mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, have a knack for speaking universally and rallying disparate entities to come together for a united cause. Just because they can think and speak like humanitarians doesn’t mean that they are above using a cause to undermine an enemy.

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