Ashé Oracle Forecast: Week of 2/27/3017 [#StarsAndSymbols]


🔮 Ashé Oracle Forecast 🔮
Week of Monday, February 27, 2017 📅

1.) “What is my greatest potential this week?”
🔮: 9 of Santería / Yemayá

When the Great Mother delivers, her content will eclipse everything else. I am blessed to bear witness to her fecundity, to embrace and be embraced by all the overflowing love that the moonlight, as both an archetype and a luminary fixation, has to offer. 🌟

2.) “What is being asked of me this week?”
🔮: 3 of Congo / Manman Brigitte

Something is telling me to continue to cultivate my relationship with my ancestors. To “exhume those bodies” as Ms. Viola Davis so eloquently articulated last night at the Oscars. 🌟

3.) “What mystery is being revealed to me this week?”
🔮: 3 of Rada / Guedeh

An excerpt from the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot book reads, “The aspect of this card emphasizes the saturnine qualities of Guedeh’s character.” I ran across this word, “saturnine”, earlier in a Harry Potter book during my long bus ride to work. I was vaguely familiar with it, because I study astrology, but it really resonated with me today. I planned to use it in a sentence sometime this week. I guess this is it… Or is it? 🌟

sInnIstIr“, the latest video from GypjaQ evokes this week’s card with great synchronicity. Get into it…

These weekly tarot readings are for me and anyone who shares my vibration. Have beautiful New Moon week. I wish you the best, always!


Ashé Oracle Forecast: Week of 2/20/2017 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Ashé Oracle Forecast:
Week of Monday 2/20/2017



Card 1: “What is my greatest potential this week?”
🔮: 7 of Congo – La Sirène

It is within my power to prompt interpersonal revelations. If I choose to acknowledge the access I have to disparate domains, I will be able to make memorable connections that might otherwise go unmade.


Card 2: “What is being asked of me?”
🔮: 2 of Santería – Olofi

For the sake of adjusting to this ever-active cycle of personal growth, I must continually re-align my energetic body in response my shifting state of being. It is important that I move around this world in a way that both celebrates and stimulates my creative potential through all the various stages of my development.


Card 3: “What mystery is being revealed to me this week?”
🔮: 13 – Les Morts

By the time this week is over, I will have attained a greater awareness of the line that separates life and afterlife. Perhaps the best way to begin this process is to speak with some spirit who knows what it feels like to live through death.


I pull these cards for me and anyone else aligned with the frequency of my vibration. This is our best week, so let’s live it in the best possible way, with God’s grace and the love of our ancestors… 🙏 If you have any questions, or if you are interested in a personal reading of your own, slide all in the way in my DM. Shout-out to Louie Martinié who created this New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Deck with Sally Ann Glassman.

Weekly Tarot 2/13/2017 [#StarsAndSymbols]

Weekly Tarot Reading: 📅 Monday, 2/13/2017 🌟


Card 1:
“What Is My Greatest Potential This Week?”🔮: 9 of Swords

The best way to deal with anxiety is to use it as fuel for action. Now I am able to redirect the energy of my worries into excitement that I harness to fight through fear to personal victory. 🌟

Card 2:
“What Is Being Asked Of Me This Week?” 🔮: Ace of Wands

My task is to get back in touch with my creative roots. By revisiting my artistic origins, I reinvigorate my vision and revitalize my personal power, which means that whenever I share my next opus, the impression I make on the world will be stronger and more inspired. 🌟

Card 3:
“What Mystery Is Being Revealed To Me This Week?” 🔮: 10 of Cups

To see how the imagination impacts reality can be a trip. Having a clear vision of my ideal life is an intention unto itself, and the results I manifest in this phase of my life will be enough to suspend any disbelief that might have kept me from achieving my dreams. When the image of the fantasy to which I aspire is specific, then every action I take will move me to its realization, and that is the best happy ending anyone could ever imagine.  🌟

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Leo Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 2017 [#StickyNoteAstrology]


Here’s your Leo Full Moon alert via #StickyNoteAstrology! This Full Moon is extra strong and extra special because it’s a lunar eclipse, which means we are all changing in major ways, and there’s no turning back from this. What is coming up for you?

Leo people (especially sun, moon, rising) are most atrongly affected by a heightened sensitivity. Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio types are also affected, to a lesser extent.