Ashé Oracle Forecast: Week of 2/27/3017 [#StarsAndSymbols]


🔮 Ashé Oracle Forecast 🔮
Week of Monday, February 27, 2017 📅

1.) “What is my greatest potential this week?”
🔮: 9 of Santería / Yemayá

When the Great Mother delivers, her content will eclipse everything else. I am blessed to bear witness to her fecundity, to embrace and be embraced by all the overflowing love that the moonlight, as both an archetype and a luminary fixation, has to offer. 🌟

2.) “What is being asked of me this week?”
🔮: 3 of Congo / Manman Brigitte

Something is telling me to continue to cultivate my relationship with my ancestors. To “exhume those bodies” as Ms. Viola Davis so eloquently articulated last night at the Oscars. 🌟

3.) “What mystery is being revealed to me this week?”
🔮: 3 of Rada / Guedeh

An excerpt from the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot book reads, “The aspect of this card emphasizes the saturnine qualities of Guedeh’s character.” I ran across this word, “saturnine”, earlier in a Harry Potter book during my long bus ride to work. I was vaguely familiar with it, because I study astrology, but it really resonated with me today. I planned to use it in a sentence sometime this week. I guess this is it… Or is it? 🌟

sInnIstIr“, the latest video from GypjaQ evokes this week’s card with great synchronicity. Get into it…

These weekly tarot readings are for me and anyone who shares my vibration. Have beautiful New Moon week. I wish you the best, always!


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