Ashé Oracle Forecast: Week of 3/6/2017 [#StarsAndSymbols]

 Ashé Oracle Forecast
Week of Monday, March 6, 2017


1.) “What is my greatest potential this week?”
: 9 / Couché

I am at my best when I transcend the regularly scheduled program. It is beneficial for me to continue to designate a space that functions as a sanctuary so that I will have time to process all of my experiences. Once this process of personal integration is complete, it will be evident that I am reborn.

2.) “What is being asked of me this week?”
: 6 of Congo / Shi-Li-Bo Nouvavou [Reversed]

We are all blessed with the ability to be one with the spirit of The Creator, but at the same time, we have all dealt with blockages that have made self-expression harder than it had to be. Because I am thankful for the information that inspires me to breakthrough barriers so that I may manifest the most fulfilling life, perhaps it is my responsibility to make my “secret” more accessible by sharing my process. In order to lead by example, I must be make sure I’m on point, so this task is mutually beneficial.

3.) “What mystery is being revealed to me this week?”
: 6 of Petro / Legba La Flambeau

At the end of the day (or is it the beginning?), I will finally know the marvelous ecstasy of personal victory. I imagine that the moment of my first big win is so divinely rewarding that it suspends time and elevates the joy of newfound success to the realm of eternity in which it becomes accessible at will.


This is for me and anyone who shares my vibration. Have beautiful week. To conclude this week’s reading, here is the new video from Jidenna. It’s called “Bambi” and it’s track #1 on my March ’17 Playlist, which you can listen to if you have a Tidal account [and if you have some other streaming service, look below for the tracklisting so you can recreate it on your own]. I like this song because its lyrics draw from themes of karma and repercussion, not to mention it is loaded with animal symbolism.


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