Ashé Oracle Forecast: Week of 3/27/2017 [#StarsAndSymbols]

In case you missed it yesterday on my social media pages, here is my Ashé Oracle Forecast. Make sure to subscribe to me @123Symbology to see it first.


🔮 Ashé Oracle Forecast 🔮
Week of Monday, March 27, 2017 📆

1.) “How will I optimize my life this week?”
🔮: 6 of #Rada [Air] – Legba / 6 of Congo [Water] – Shi Li Bo Nouvavou

A better life is a result of telling better stories. If I express it as I wish, then so it must be. 🌟

2.) “What must I resolve this week?”
🔮: 17 – Z’Etoile [The Star]

Resolution is a matter of re-framing all my questionable decisions as artistic choices rather than mistakes. Kid Cudi said it best when he sang, “The choices we make, it’s all by design. Go with it…” 🌟

3.) “What mystery is being revealed to me this week?”
🔮: 5 of Petro [Fire]

There’s difference between sitting on the sideline and fighting on the front line. I’ll let you know all about it if I live to tell. 🌟

This is for me and anyone who shares my vibration. Have beautiful, New Moon week. I wish you the best 💙

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