Ashé Oracle Forecast: Week of 4/10/2017 [#StarsAndSymbols]


🔮 Ashé Oracle Forecast 🔮
Week of Monday, April 10, 2017 📆

This is for me and anyone who shares my vibration.


1.) “How will I optimize my life this week?
🔮: 10 of Wands

To assume this much personal responsibility might seem like a burden, but a true visionary knows that his or her effort will be supported by a higher power if the steps are actually taken toward the realization of the vision. Where there’s a will there’s a way. · 🌟

2.) “What issue must be resolved this week?
🔮: 12 – The Hanged Man

Look at it from a different angle to see past the illusion. Moments of meditation and mindfulness are helpful for anyone who is susceptible to subliminal manipulation. We all are sometimes. · 🌟

3.) “What mystery is being revealed to me this week?
🔮: 2 of Cups

Engaging in an intimate exchange is one of the wisest choices to make. The wisdom, perhaps, is the realization that a new and improved partnership is possible so long as both parties are flexible enough to consider an alternate approach to interpersonal closeness. Often times it takes the most tragic affairs to prepare us for real love, so that even after the bitterness of a relationship gone wrong, there is hope and healing in the decision to open up again to love. This time around it will be better. · 🌟

Speaking on taking on a lot of responsibility, here is the latest offering from Sufjan Stevens. This track, entitled “Saturn”, is the first glimpse of his forthcoming space-themed Planetarium LP. I love this because the lyrics personify Saturn in the same astrological language that I speak. Find this song and more on my April 2017 Playlist!

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