The Prototype! [#SelfCareStarterKit]

What do you think? ✨ I am curating a wellness package of sorts, working title: #SelfCareStarterKit.


Inspired by my daily rituals and the resources that bless my heart every day πŸ™ Β my aim is to help you cultivate a more holistic lifestyle that enhances your wellbeing… πŸ‘³ and to set you up for success.

The “Starter Kit” in the picture is a rough draft, as I am still experimenting with the goods πŸ˜‰ Like, I’m focusing almost exclusively on hygiene products, and there are particular flavors and scents and textures that will be included with specific intentions, but (for example) I don’t know if I should include liquid soap or solid soap – or both! Teabags, or no teabags? This brave or that brand, and why? That kind of thing. I’m debating, but that’s okay because this is my process…Β β™Ž

I don’t sell these yet (feel free to order yours now tho). When they debut, I see them being popular birthday gifts 🎁 and they can also be purchased monthly as care packages for college students, stressed out spouses, and anyone else who needs to take better care of themselves! πŸ’•

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