the edge of realization: cardinal grand cross [#StarsAndSymbols]

one minute the gears are grinding at an alarming speed, the next minute they have come to a screeching halt. one false move and the whole apparatus could implode. with all this starting and stopping and suddenness of movement, it is impossible to anticipate what exactly will happen next. i guess it’s best that we expect the unexpected. or maybe we should not to expect anything at all. realistically speaking, how can one accurately anticipate something that has never before been experienced? one can surely try, but it will be hard. there is an increasing uneasiness that many of us are feeling the world over due to a seemingly insurmountable inner friction, but instead of stressing, i suggest we channel this rigid anxiety productively to manifest success.

hitting snooze too many times because you drank too much at your best frenemy’s housewarming party the night before only to get pulled over for speeding on the expressway en route to work knowing damn well you were supposed to open today and you’ve already been late 2 times in the past week and you just hope the car doesn’t still smell like yesterday’s hotbox… that’s what this COULD feel like.


no pressure, but truth of the matter is that we are on the brink of an epic conflict, and “easy” is not a befitting adjective. this may sound intimidating, but before we retreat into defense mode thinking others are out to get us, we must recognize that this battle exists within us. our internal struggle may be triggered by outside influences, but these are just projections. taking responsibility for our actions in relationships and owning up to our external circumstances are necessary to reclaim our personal power, not to mention the difference between steering the ship and playing passenger to another captain. it is urgently imperative to remember that although we may be fighting against the world, the same war, the very source of our outward ambition, is being waged within. the moment we accept this as a cross to bear, regardless of its heaviness, is the moment that motivation to win will overcome us.

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4/6/14: fight in the fog [#MyBestWeek]

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 3.46.03 AM

it gets hard to see when straddling the line between the conscious and unconscious. our eyes take a while to adjust when they have just been dreaming, so it may seem as though we’re out of focus. neptune is said to represent clairvoyance, but if we are not spiritually inclined then the physical vision may be slightly unclear. confusion is a symptom of impaired eyesight and this haziness can be frustrating for those of us who are trying to see what lies ahead. even though we’re not in bed, it still feels incredibly unreal.

indistinction leaves us with a lot of options. at any given interval, life as we know it could go either way, which means that we must be quick-witted enough to know when to switch it up. things are changing at the drop of a dime and versatility is the only way not to get left behind. gemini is the sign of duality, so we must learn to be flexible because anything could happen. the twins are in a constant state of excitement as there is always new stimulation to be experienced, but they can just as well scatter themselves thanks to their short attention spans. if there is an absolute answer, it will take every bit of concentration.

to exacerbate matters, commitment is not in the immediate equation. we are too equal-minded to grow attached to one interest, so our diverse associations spread us thin. the 11th house is indicative of our hopes and wishes for the future in all their varied plurality. being connected to the current of an electrical outlet is bound to bring us some of the most shocking revelations from the highest source of power, but it takes great effort to sustain the singularity of such lucid insights.


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the value of touch: taurus [astroloco]

My dear friend Asha once told me that we (humans) should be touched at least 5 times a day. I probably laughed. I didn’t (probably) laugh because it was funny. This concept was foreign to me is all. She is a Taurus, my polar opposite. No wonder.

Scorpio feels, but Taurus touches. If you are confused, believe me when I tell you; there is a difference. The difference is in the element of sensitivity. Both signs are sensitive, but that sensitivity is expressed in opposite ways. Scorpio is emotionally sensitive [feelings]. Taurus is physically sensitive [touch]. This is not to say The Scorpion doesn’t do a fair amount of touching. After all Scorpio has a reputation for being the sexpot of the Zodiac. I believe, however, as a Scorpio, that I live in the world of the unseen. The untouchable. The intangible. The mystery.

Shining a light on your shadow can solve even the most riddling mysteries. With Mars [action], Venus [interaction] and the Sun [conscious expression] in Taurus, I am being confronted by the opposition of my shadow. I am embracing it, though.

So far this Taurus Season, I have challenged myself to indulge in my sensuality. One of the perks of being a full time spa attendant is constant access to professional massage therapists and estheticians. This week alone, I have treated myself to 2 massages (my first and second massages ever). They were so different, so I can’t compare them, but they were both beautiful experiences.

Every so often I would catch myself clenching or holding tension (especially in my glutes/legs) when I felt their hands upon my skin. It was totally unconscious, but after a while I would notice and release. This even happens outside of massages sometimes. I figure this reaction to touch is much more than skin deep. It has to be rooted in some type of fear, some type of childhood trauma that was never integrated. Maybe I’m reaching, but what else could it be? When did I cut myself off from being able to experience physical pleasure? When did I discount the value of touch?

Regardless, I feel better already. These massages have opened this Scorpio up to the wonderful world of the five senses. Skin to skin contact is important in such a fundamental way, as well as other forms of sensual pleasure. Just as I am tempted to indulge in fear, I am equally allowed to feel love and live in love. That is one of my Full Moon in Scorpio realizations, if not THE realization.

I am balancing. I am transcending. I am alive.


Now, I just have to figure out how to be touched at least 5 times a day without getting arrested. This will be a test of my creativity. I am an art major (and a Scorpio sexpot), so this is a challenge I gladly accept.


the aftershock: full moon in scorpio [astroloco]

What was revealed to you under yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio?

An empowering new source of income? The hidden, ulterior motive of a “loved one”? A new level of intimacy in your relationship? Maybe you allowed yourself to dig a little deeper into your OWN psychology, shining the light of clarity onto your obsessive compulsions.

In order to be grounded in reality, we must occasionally submerge into the dark recesses of the subconscious underworld. There are many treasures waiting there for those creative enough to see potential in latent resources, and patient enough to reawaken them.

Because the Full Moon was also a Lunar Eclipse, whatever discoveries you made are likely to be life changing. You are leaving behind the past, and stepping into the present. The moment. The now.

Photo on 2013-04-020

Nice to meet you. I am Swami.


b3 @NYth1ng

a : to rise above or go beyond the limits of
b : to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of : overcome
c : to be prior to, beyond, and above (the universe or material existence)


passion in every peace: full moon in scorpio [astroloco]


What we value is being transformed by the revelation of a mystery. If yesterday is history, then why is the present tense? Flexibility is perplexing, but there is great release in the occasional stretch. Although we’re being pulled in opposite directions, balance is the selection to ensure cosmic protection.

There is pain in every pleasure.
There is power in every potential.
There is passion in every peace.

quiet before the storm: moon in libra [astroloco]

Venus rules Taurus and Libra. We are experiencing the beautiful season of Taurus (occupied by the Sun, Venus, & Mars), and currently, the MOON is in LIBRA. The Goddess of Love is in full effect right now (despite a couple brief oppositions). Revel in this moment of tranquility, sensuality, and pleasure, because it won’t last forever.

Nothing does.

*cues “I Feel Pretty” and begins improvised interpretive dance*


If we find our balance [Libra] now and sustain [Taurus] it, and we’ll have an advantage going into the extreme energy of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio!

This energy is easy enough to be hard to notice, so don’t take it for granted.

full moon/lunar eclipse: scorpio [astroloco]

(April 25, 2013 @ 3:58 PM)

Money, elimination, power of desire

Do you feel stuck in situation that you’ve outgrown? Is your kindness being mistaken for weakness? Have you lost touch with your deepest, darkest feelings? Are you starting to wonder what is causing your insatiable sensual appetite?

Maintain the peaceful beauty of your physical being by plumbing the dark mysteries of the subconscious mind in order to reclaim your personal power.


love is [poetry]


love is what u r

love is what u b

please tell me what u see

when u open up ur eyes

surprise me with a portrait

painted thru the lens of free

but if ur hand falls asleep

u can describe me the sunrise

spell it out if u must

but in the form of poetry

lullaby like nurseries

even if it doesn’t rhyme