go there, but don’t stay: 8/3/14 [#MyBestWeek]

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one of the most gut-wrenching feelings is to desire something or someone so fervently only to have it be snatched away in plain sight. there is little we can do to overcome that anguish, so our only choice is to live with it, to feel it completely. cry if need be. it is important for us to go there, but it would be a mistake to stay. self-destruction and downward spirals are the results of festering sentiment that has found no outlet or expression. if we have it, we have to do something with it, or else it will do something to us.

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destiny’s obscurity: moon/north node conjunct [#StarsAndSymbols]

Women have played a major role in my life. Not just one woman, but women… plural. My parents weren’t together when I was born so my mother raised me as a single parent, and for the greater duration of the first decade of my life we lived with various relatives. My most impressionable years were molded by the women who surrounded me, older women to be more specific. It was like a community of mothers, each one with something unique to offer my childhood self. There were men around, uncles and whatnot, but interactions with male figures were never as affirming for me as the matriarchal exchanges.

Naturally, my interests aligned with what most people categorize as “girl stuff” when I was growing up. I loved Destiny’s Child and Disney films like The Little Mermaid. The majority of my friends were girls, especially the ones closest to me. I was a boy, and I had guy friends, but I was never one of the boys. As I made my way through primary school, I faced my fair share of judgment from people who didn’t understand or agree with the way I expressed myself in accordance with my gender, and there were times where I judged myself for not being manly enough. At this point in my life, I still have to make a conscious effort to silence the voice of gender policeman that I allowed to invade my headspace, but everyday I learn to embrace my femininity more than before. Despite whoever has disagreed with my lifestyle, I know now that there is nothing wrong with the way I am, and I believe that my childhood conditioning was meant to prepare me for greatness. Allow me to explain myself…


There is an aspect in my natal chart that clues me into the grand scheme of who I am in regards to my resonance with the feminine influence. I have a moon/north node conjunction! The conjunction is an astrological aspect that is equivalent to a union and it occurs when two celestial bodies and/or astronomical points come together as one amplified, integrated force. In other words, two separate energies blend and work as one. So what exactly does a conjunction between the moon and the imply that could possibly explain my lifelong interest in the alluring, creative, nurturing essence of opposite sex?

******* FUN FACT: the moon and the north node are currently conjunct in libra as I type… how appropriate! *******

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aquarius new moon: distance’s chance [#StarsAndSymbols]

everywhere i go i see the same old riot. it would be too easy to up and leave and let the wind blow me away, but i know i’ll end up looking at a different face in a similar place. there’s no use for a revolution if the change is not my own.

liberation is my intention and so i am free. oppression is the only casualty, except i’m not fighting it on the outside. the war is within. it won’t be hard to win because i’m done defending myself against the enemies of my imagining. i’m staging a rebellion. yes, it is finally happening.

i’m tired of taking it personally, so i’m beginning to embrace the distance. i will listen to listen and avoid the impaired vision of the automated reply. i was conditioned to strike back against a perceived attack rooted in the incidents of upbringing. my heart has been stringing along the truth that was hidden, and it’s time to unpack it.

the new moon in aquarius [exact thursday, january 30th in the eastern afternoon] is a chance to distance ourselves from the entrapment of attachment to the lower vibrations into which we so often settle. when the sun [conscious self-expression] and the moon [subconscious mind] meet up in the same degree of the same sign, our needs and our wants align to create the singularity that we need to bring something to life that did not previously exist.

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my best week: 1/5/2014 [#StarsAndSymbols]

I received a wonderful gift from one of my clients back in August. She gave me an unopened set of astrological divination cards [Astro Star Kards aka ASK], and I was instantaneously in love. I asked so many questions that I ran out of questions! Although my card usage seemed to wane once I ran out of mysteries to solve, I found a way to get more mileage out of these bad boys and that was to give myself a weekly reading.


Every Sunday I sit, shuffle, and ask myself, “how can I make this my best week?” I have decided to share my interpretations with anyone who is looking for guidance to navigate the next 7 days.

7 cards are pulled each week. I draw a single card from the planet, sign, and house decks, which provides me with the foundation of the answer to my question. For a more detailed reading I draw a card from the aspect deck, an indication of the level of easiness or difficulty I will experience. Finally, I draw yet another planet, sign, and house card, giving me the specification I need to know what to expect from the unique energy of the upcoming week.

There are many ways to interpret these cards, just as there many ways to interpret every symbol we come across. These are my interpretations and I encourage you to find your own and share them with me if you so desire. Regardless of your conclusion, why not make this your best week?



We will prosper this week if we learn to learn to give it up. Whatever it is, let it go. Release it. It has served it purpose. The first [planet] card I pulled was the South Node, which represents past lives, baggage, and other nouns that have worn out their welcome. The South Node represents what has been mastered, so holding on to it now is crutch of comfort and complacency, and frankly, it’s overkill at this point.

The second [sign] card is Capricorn, giving us a clue as to what needs to be relinquished. Fear, pessimism, and insecurity are the more stark characteristics of the Sea Goat [Happy Cappy Season, y’all!], so I’m focusing on the lower energy of this sign because it wouldn’t make sense to let go of something with a high vibration. After all, what is Capricorn if not sensible? Caution and doubt [Capricorn] could be holding us back [South Node] from achieving the aspiration in us that is represented by the antidotal North Node.

The third card I pulled was the 2nd House, and now we know this is a question of values and self-esteem. Tangible, physical possessions, even. The Capricorn and 2nd House cards were reversed, so the burden of limitation that we are bearing could be (and probably is) hidden in the deepest, darkest, murkiest waters of the subconscious mind, silently suppressing the god-given gifts we incarnated here to share.

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luna & the needy moon-children [#StarsAndSymbols]

“i’m hungry.”
“i’m tired.”
“i need…” (isn’t that just the worst, most pathetic one?)

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that was one of my terse philoso-tweets last week and i still standby the sentiment. a big revelation for me has been the use of language by not only the people in my most immediate sphere of existence, but in a larger societal context as well. long story short, i feel like most of us have no real conception of the words we speak.

it’s like there is a disconnect between what we mean and what we are actually saying, which completely alters our inner being. what type of assessment are we making about the quality of our lives when we iterate such obliviously abject phrases and adopt them as mantra? i know that it’s hard to break certain habits, especially those that are speech-related, as some of us do not even possess the tools to help us recognize and identify the self-perpetuation of our own depleted states. when one says “i need…”, does one really need or is one exaggerating an irreverent inaccuracy?

maybe it’s not a question of language, or maybe it is, but maybe there’s another, more intimate way we could approach this. as an astrology enthusiast, i know that when it comes to neediness, one mustn’t look any further than the darkest shadow of the moon. dependent on the moon’s placement and relationship to other planets in the natal chart, the condition of necessity versus autonomy in an individual’s genetic makeup is variable.

tonight the moon is in aquarius, my moon sign, which heralds the dawn of my monthly lunar return. the sun is in scorpio, my sun sign, building up to that oh-so familiar square [difficult aspect] to the water-bearing moon, and thus i am thrown right back in the middle of the boxing ring i was born into. under the sun/moon square, our emotional nature based on our subconscious idea of personal security is brought to light whether or not we are willing, enabling us see clearly our own inner conflicts. this is the perfect weather to “know thyself” and for me to reflect honestly on my needs (or lack thereof if my inner aquarius has any sway in this conversation). Continue reading

uranus/pluto square [astroloco]

(May 20, 2013 @ 6 PM)

A rude awakening or a conscious evolution? This is the 3rd Uranus/Pluto square of 7 [2012-2015], and we are transcending with each trigger. Release whatever is keeping you vibrating at a low frequency in order to connect to your highest self.

This square [challenging aspect] in particular is exact at 11 degrees Aries [Uranus] and Capricorn [Pluto]. If you remember our numerology lesson, 11 is a master number with a intuitively spiritual vibration. Some people make a wish when they see 11:11, and whether or not they know it, seeing this number sequences signifies a shift in consciousness. It is no coincidence that these planets are squaring each other in 11 degrees of their respective signs. We are being upgraded.

Although the square is the main attraction, there are other, more favorable aspects involved. Uranus in Aries is sextile Mercury and Venus in Gemini. The newfound self-awareness  that we are experiencing [Uranus in Aries] is shifting the way we think and communicate [Mercury], as well as what we appreciate and value in our exchanges with other people [Venus]. Pluto in Capricorn is sextile Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. The powerful occult understanding of shadowy societal structures that we are unearthing [Pluto in Capricorn] is transforming our perception of reality [Saturn] and fantasy [Neptune]. Despite the frightening amount of commotion this square is causing, it is making some exciting (and necessary) aspects.


When we are conscious of this energy and the symbolic planetary relationships, it is easy to see we are evolving. We can embrace this energy by paying attention to where the overwhelming feeling of frustration manifests in our lives, because that is where this square is being played out. To varying degrees, we are all being deprogrammed and reprogrammed to live in alignment with our truest selves. It seems hard, as change usually is, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s easy to be pushed when we’re standing still, so why not make the first move? This is a new age! All you have to do is turn the page.

no need to be nice [venus in aquarius]

For some reason “nice” is a quality that I have always held in high esteem. Maybe I watched too much Barney. Could be that good ol’ Disney programming, to which I’ve compared the Hitler Youth on numerous occasions. I save many of my notebooks and other assorted assignments from elementary school. Looking back, it’s almost sickening (and definitely curious) how often I described myself as “nice.”


So far in 2013 I have realized that the world still spins, nice or not. I am still adjusting to that revelation, but it is suddenly very clear to me. Whereas I would go out of my way to accommodate others with an overly-considerate demeanor, I am learning to chill out and let things play out as they must. It’s in my nature to give others what (I know) they want, but I am much more comfortable with honoring my truth, even if I am considered the “bad guy.”

Venus is in Aquarius. Venus represents how we deal with other people. Exchange. Interaction. Compromise. Aquarius is rebellious and revolutionary. Naturally, Venus’ transit through Aquarius changes the way we relate. What we value, especially in our partnerships, comes under question. We might become more conscious of our own self-worth, which could be quite shocking to our social networks.

Have you had any revelations regarding your relationships? If so, please share your insights! Shift well.

mercury [aquarius]


Mercury in Aquarius
(January 19 – February 5, 2013)

Disregard tradition, and say what needs to be said. Think outside of the box. If it doesn’t make sense now, it will one day. Listen to your inner voice and share it with humanity. It might just change the world.

celebrity lunatics:leo full moon [astroloco]

We have made it through another Full Moon, this time in Leo. The moon is still full-ish, but it’s a little past exact at this point. Take a moment to reflect on how you felt on Saturday night, and Sunday morning. The astrological aspect of the Full Moon is challenging, so this energy can be overwhelming. Did you succumb to lunacy?

Imagine being born at this time, in the middle of an opposition. With the sun [ego] and moon [emotions] at odds, we feel tugged in two completely different directions. What does it mean to come into the world at such a dynamic moment? This energy leaves a permanent imprint on Full Moon babies, who internalize this opposition. Needless to say, these babies grow up to be very interesting individuals.

Below are some famous Leo Full Moon babies. These people use their creative consciousness to shine uniquely amongst their peers. With Aquarius’ group awareness and Leo’s personal warmth, babies on this full moon are undeniably popular. Babies of the Leo Full Moon appeal to a wide spectrum of people; they are universal. Fun-loving and playful [Leo], these experimental people are loved for their effortless originality.

Brandy Norwood (Platinum-selling R&B Singer/Actress)


Joseph Gordon Levitt (Golden Globe Award-nominated Actor)


Paris Hilton (Heiress, Socialite, and Reality TV Star)

PARIS HILTON at Marlon Gobel Fashion Show

It should come as no shock that Leo Full Moon babies are known for their electric vitality.

an astroloco interview – cid ninja [bva: aquarius moon]


CID NINJA is on the verge of releasing the first of her “Bones, Villains, & Astrology” mixtape series. Look out for “BVA: AQUARIUS MOON” on February 10, 2013. Until then, make sure you check out her social media pages…

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