grow [#ScrambledArt]

i don’t need any money or fancy cars
i don’t need to take pictures with superstars
i don’t need them to tell me what i can do
you don’t need me and i never needed you

i’m breaking free of the chain that surrounds me
i’m breaking free of the spell that has bound me
i’m breaking free of the jail that has held me
i don’t need you and you never needed me

[just watch me grow]

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the chase [poetry]

(If you like this, check out my first (self-published) book of poetry, Fraction of Paradise.)

I don’t know where to start
The beginning would be ideal
Except I don’t remember
Too much has since transpired
No, I’m just too tired
To excavate today
So take your tools and run away
Take your picks, your shovels
And leave this site
It’s a danger zone
And meddling underground
Will bring this temple down, crashing
And release the shadow from whom I am separated
The shadow from whom I am divorced
The papers have long been signed
But for some reason, you’re still here
Pestering me
Asking me what is wrong
But I keep telling you I don’t remember!

I keep having this dream that I’m being chased
By a man with a gun
I always dodge the bullet
Never get caught
But I get slower every time
I run through the fire and barbed wires
To escape this dark, twisted fantasy
Wondering what it is you want from me

I keep a gun under my pillow
Ready for the next rendezvous
When you’ll try to remind me of things I don’t remember
But can’t seem to forget
So I’m sorry in advance for this homicide
Whatever you do
Just please don’t call it a suicide
That’ll be our little secret
And I’ll take it to our grave

the seat of the soul [book review]


My spirit sister Asha (@ashbeegosh) has uploaded a book review of The Seat of the Soul. If you not scared to read, check this out! Sounds like a great piece of literature. This is her debut YouTube video by the way, so make sure you show her some love!