new moon: “new year, new me” [#StarsAndSymbols]

i get it, i get it. we’re all over the “new year, new me” people. that seems to be the general consensus at least. you know, those people who we see every year around this time making the same predictable proclamations about the miraculous transformation they will undergo once the threshold of the new year is crossed. i’m sure they mean well, but it only takes a few years of publicly posted empty promises before cynicism replaces support. in other words, “we” are on to “you”… with a vengeance.


this time around, though, it would be wise to actually respect the now ridiculed tradition of the New Year’s Resolution. why the random reverence you ask? the next new moon happens to fall on new year’s day, and if you know anything about astrology, you know this rare occurrence is too rich in potential to pass up.

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coins flip: full moon in gemini [#StarsAndSymbols]

As much as my mind makes itself, my body can, in one minute maneuver of my mouth, manipulate existence beyond the boundaries of my most solid expectations. An abundance of confidence in my stance still cannot constrict the curious current that stimulates the very wires that keep me alive. I am connected to every facet of my spiritual being just as the fire is connected to the smoke that fills the air.

Are you aware of what I did there?

full moon over water at night

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cold war [mars in aquarius]

You probably think I’m uninterested. I don’t mean to appear indifferent, it’s just challenging to act out my passion when it’s so… intellectual. If you could only see how my mind races with possibilities, you would know how I really feel! You want me now, and that’s cool, but I’m busy fighting against the system. Fighting for my future. Despite daily disruption and sudden, life-altering changes, I am fighting. Maybe that’s why I seem preoccupied.

Mars is in Aquarius right now [December 25, 2012 – February 1, 2013]. During this transit, we fight to unite people from all spectrums of life. We are motivated [Mars] to associate with big groups of people [Aquarius], as the collective energy is great for actualizing ideas. Even though we instinctively want to connect with the world at large, we become distant when our liberty is threatened. We make less of an effort to deal with people one-on-one out of fear that we will be tied down and suffocated. When people want special treatment, we assert [Mars] our independence [Aquarius]. We declare a cold war. We become unavailable.

I know I am unavailable right now, but all I need is time to be and space to breathe. My energy is everywhere at once, equally distributed, trying to save the world for tomorrow’s sake. Our day will soon come, so I hope you’re not angry with me. In the mean time, feel free to initiate a conversation. Mental stimulation is very necessary. Just make sure you say something… shocking! Excitement is desirable.