pluto direct: stranger danger [#StarsAndSymbols]

What a morning. Like a hangover, I didn’t feel the intoxicating effects of the Full Moon in Pisces until today. Glad to finally be home after a night at Union Transfer in Philadelphia [a Scorpio city] seeing the Washed Out show. It was quite the experience.


In other news, I think it’s time for me to acquire a new phone. Whatever I intended to prove by going without has been proven, I believe, and now it’s becoming a slight inconvenience to be so disconnected. Allow me to explain.

As most of us know, concerts always take longer than expected. By the time the show ended last night, I had missed my train back to Atlantic City, and I’d have no ride home if I took the next one. I decided then to stay the night at my friend’s house, although I was reluctant because I would have to wake up at 7 AM with her as she left for work. I had little choice, so that’s what I did. Boy, did I take having a car for granted when I had one.

After we said our goodbyes and she rode off into the distance on her bike, I decided to walk all the way from her North Philly home downtown to 30th Street Station. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love walking (especially in big cities), plus I had time to kill, so I had no problem walking and saving bus fare. Little did I know I would be walking for 3/4 of the daylight hours. I got lost in the awesomeness of City Hall, missed my Market Street turn, and ended up walking all the way to South Street before I admitted to myself that I should ask for directions. After an hour and a half of walking, I finally made it to the train station.

large_train hoboken

Being completely candid, I’m having a “too soon” moment so I’d rather not finish recounting this story in its vivid entirety (believe me, I can get vivid). Let’s just say I arrived in New Jersey with no ride to my house, and with no prospects for a taxi or bus (and no phone to find one), I was stranded in suburbia for 4 hours. After walking aimlessly from the train station, I ended up sitting hopelessly in Five Guys for an entirely too long 2 hours. After being treated to free fries and cold water, my mom finally rescued me on her way to work. I was able to call her 2 hours prior at the local dollar store.

I have asked many people to use their phones since losing mine back in April, and it is always interesting to see how they will react, as I am literally putting myself out there to be rejected. Most people have phones, and I think have sense enough to know who does and who doesn’t before I approach anyone, but who is willing to share definitely depends on their impression of me and my intentions.

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a “relaxing” spa day: mercury retrograde [astroloco]

Mercury went retrograde last week, but I didn’t feel it until today. Mercury, for those who don’t remember, Mercury rules communication, cognition, and commerce. Signals that we receive from our immediate environment as we talk and travel and make transactions are ruled by Mercury, as well as technology and media. Basically, Mercury is the transmission of messages.

When a planet retrogrades, those messages don’t transmit as easily as usual. Astronomically, the planet in question appears to slow down and start moving backward in its orbit. Planets don’t actually go backward, but the optical illusion is tremendously symbolic. A retrograde is a period of review. Since the energy is expressed inwardly instead of outwardly, external events may not go as planned. Mercury retrograde is especially chaotic, as reasoning becomes a challenge, and our rational minds seem to cause us more problems than a broken computer.


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a talk with the taskmaster of tough love: saturn in scorpio [astroloco]

If you need some structure in your life, now’s the time for a one-on-one session with Saturn himself. He’s in Scorpio for the next couple years, slowing us down in order to teach us the most economic way to manage our power. He went retrograde in February [suggesting some sort of thorough internal regeneration]. He will continue his apparent “backward” movement until July, when he will resume direct motion once again.

Saturn is the closest he will be to Earth all year [as he is opposing the Sun in Taurus], so don’t be afraid to reach out and communicate with him. He is tough, but he expects nothing less than the best of you. Isn’t that thoughtful?


time to work [saturn retrograde]

Today, I had my second interview at one of my potential jobs, a small spa in one of the suburbs of Atlantic City. During my first interview, the hiring manager gave me a script to look over. She told me the owner is very particular about his business, so she gave me a couple weeks to memorize the script. “If he says this paper is black, it’s black,” she warned me, holding up a white piece of paper.

I wasn’t originally going to do to the follow-up interview. As soon as I saw the script and heard about the charmingly dogmatic owner, I had second thoughts about the position. Plus, I had a really good interview at a retail outlet last week in Atlantic City and heard from some friends that their hiring manager liked me; said I made her laugh. Since I’m no longer living in Manhattan, I wanted to work in some semblance of a city. Atlantic City’s not much, but it’s something. It’s home, at least.

On the other hand, I would love to work in a spa. The atmosphere is always tranquil, which aligns with my personality. I’ve never had a professional massage, but I am looking forward to discounts and other employee perks. Besides, there are only so many times I’ll be able to put my performance degree to good use working a 9-5 type job. The script reading felt like an audition. I was nervous reciting my lines in the small office (“how was your massage today?”), but she said I was the only one who has memorized the whole thing!

The spa isn’t in the city, but it pays more than the outlet store and it’s full time. Once I hear back from the outlet, I’ll see if it’s possible to make time for both. I didn’t plan on working two jobs, but if I’m going to work this semester instead of finishing my degree, I might as well get money. I start my two week paid trial at the spa tomorrow morning at 8:45.


Saturn [in Scorpio] turned retrograde this morning. When Saturn retrogrades, we test our foundation for shakiness. Thanks to the inward redirection of this responsible energy, we have the patience to reevaluate, the organization to restructure, and the discipline to follow through on previously existing projects. In general, retrogrades are known to throw a curveball or two. Needless to say, Saturn retrogrades are not the best time to initiate new business ventures, especially when Saturn is in financially-focused Scorpio. Fortunately, all the planets were direct a couple weeks ago when I first applied and interviewed.

It’s funny that I begin working (front desk) at a spa on the first day therapeutic Pisces Season. 2013 has been chaotic, unsettling year so far, but I’ve been adapting and I am looking forward to soaking up the healing vibrations. I don’t know how long it will last or where it will lead me, but this is whole new chapter in my story. My life as I know it has shifted.

moving forward [all planets direct]

If you’re anything like me, the past few months have been challenging. Plans were derailed and lives were changed, forcing us to take timeout to reflect on our setbacks. There is a lesson in every opposition, but that doesn’t always matter in the moment. Sometimes it just sucks.

It has sucked a lot less since Jupiter [in Gemini] went direct on January 30th. Jupiter was the last of 2012’s retrograde planets, and for a rare couple of weeks, all the planets are direct. All the energy that was temporarily introverted is free to flow again, just the way we want it. This is an ideal time to initiate a project, commit to a relationship, or make an important decision, as there is nothing holding us back. Move forward, now.


Saturn turns retrograde on February 18, so do what you gotta do.