my best week: 2/9/14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

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what is the meaning of this? i don’t know, but we’re going to figure it out. that is the philosophy of jupiter. appropriately, the largest planet in our system ponders life’s biggest questions, such as “why are we here?” or “am i doing the right thing?”. abstract concepts with no concrete correctness such as religion and morality are represented by jupiter. this grand vibration skips the detailed tidbits in favor of the divinely delivered definition. answers are obviously significant, but the real growth exists in asking the questions. it is fine to have faith in our own conclusions, but pontification is more overbearing than uplifting, and it could very well limit the enlightenment we are seeking. is your dogma showing?

if it is, dress it up diva! style is everything when libra is the sign. we can litigate even of the ugliest cases when we wear our best law suits 😉 the iron fist in the velvet glove is the strategy of the scales, as they know how to importance of being aesthetically pleasing. politics can be dirty, but in a visual culture, an attractive appearance is powerfully persuasive. libra is not usually accused of being deep, but surely it takes a certain introspective depth to keep the surface pretty despite the scary shadows that lurk below. we must first value the perspective of another in order to present our viewpoints in a way that will be appreciated by all parties. if we are unsure how we are being received by others, we can learn from studying our interactions.

the 11th house is the perfect place to research interpersonal dynamics, as it rules over the many associations of our social sphere. groups of like-minded individuals who unite for some singular cause are ruled by the 11th house, so there is an abundance of knowledge that can be found when we learn to relate more individually to our associates, beyond the impersonal camaraderie of a shared idea. the richest relationships are the ones in which we exchange handshakes for hugs.


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my best week: 2/2/14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

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“aphrodite lady seashell bikini, garden panty… VENUS!” the sensual Goddess of Love is setting the mood. the focus is an equal balance of “me” and “you”, considering venus represents the feminine principle of accommodation. the give and the take, the attraction and the repulsion, the have and the have not; all venusian. meeting someone halfway in some sort of rendezvous is highly likely. i also pulled the 7th house, which is associated with venus, so there is no doubt that the exchange of partnership is paramount.

spiritual is pisces, the next card pulled. all things unseen, the things of our dreams and nightmares and illusions, are all piscean. the fish represent the universal oneness that connects us all like an invisible network of heartstrings. impressionable and compassionate, pisces heals other people by absorbing their negativity. selflessness, while obviously admirable, can overwhelm, and sometimes all we want to do is get away. try as we might, it is not easy to escape this sphere of existence (beware of indulgence in addictive substances!) and the burden of the outside energy we may feel obliged to assume. like a lifejacket for the sinking, it may feel like we’re struggling just below the surface, trying desperately to stay afloat.


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rideshare with a spider: saturn (direct) in scorpio [astroloco]

Remember how I said I was afraid of bugs? Today I came face to face with one of my biggest conceivable fears. Years ago my cousin told me about the time she was driving her car and along came a spider crawling across her windshield. She too is scared of insects, and she nearly crashed her car at the mere sight and proximity of the arachnid. I know it is irrational to react like that, but I feared this scenario because I had no clue how I would handle myself while operating a vehicle, although I was way too young to drive when I heard this story. As you all know, I am now a driving man, and earlier I found myself in a similar situation.

After running errands for my upcoming 5th annual family cookout (barbecue if you’re confused), I hopped back the whip (my mom’s Honda Pilot) and drove off. I was so ready to be back home so I could make myself a quick smoothie before I indulged in enough Skinny Pop to offend a Monsanto cornfield.

(Here’s the smoothie I made yesterday. I swear it tastes better than it looks.)

They say it’s healthier to eat fruits and fibrous veggies first, for digestion and shit like that. As I pulled out of the shopping center parking lot, I caught a peripheral glimpse of tiny terror; there was a spider on my sun visor (aka my personal vanity).

Although the spider was small, my nervous system went into immediate and dangerous overdrive. Since I was literally driving, I planned to pull over as soon as I could, as I did not want this spider descending down onto my forehead or my lap or any other part of my body while I was operating the vehicle. Of course if I pulled over, I’d either have to wait for the creature to crawl out or physically remove it from the premises, neither of which I had time for (Skinny Pop, remember?). After being forced to endure this discomfort for a few seconds, I got the vibe that the spider was just as stricken. She was still and so was I. I decided to keep driving.

Black spider in my car, white spots

After being retrograde since February, Saturn has finally resumed direct motion in Scorpio. Where Saturn goes our caution follows, and when Saturn is in Scorpio, the darkest of our fears are confronted in an intensely psychological way. Saturn’s nearly 5 month-long backtrack saw us re-examining our power structures. We were forced to get real about wasting resources, using more discipline, and harnessing the mutually transformative, creative potential of synergy.

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a talk with the taskmaster of tough love: saturn in scorpio [astroloco]

If you need some structure in your life, now’s the time for a one-on-one session with Saturn himself. He’s in Scorpio for the next couple years, slowing us down in order to teach us the most economic way to manage our power. He went retrograde in February [suggesting some sort of thorough internal regeneration]. He will continue his apparent “backward” movement until July, when he will resume direct motion once again.

Saturn is the closest he will be to Earth all year [as he is opposing the Sun in Taurus], so don’t be afraid to reach out and communicate with him. He is tough, but he expects nothing less than the best of you. Isn’t that thoughtful?


off the deep end: pisces season [astroloco]

Happy Pisces Season! Hope everything’s going swimmingly!


There are six planets in Pisces [sun, mercury, venus, mars, neptune, and chiron] for the next couple weeks. Wherever these planets fall in your chart is where you have been experiencing a concentration of Piscean energy or activity. This is called a STELLIUM in astrology.

The Pisces Stellium falls in my 3rd House of communication. The 3rd House rules elementary learning, intellectual curiosity, social contacts, siblings, neighbors, local trips, media, technology, messages (phone, text, e-mail), just to name a few. It’s a busy house with lots of brief little moments of mental stimulation. Negatively, this energy is scattered and restless. Pisces in the 3rd House mystifies communications, so that our perceptions are dreamier than usual, flavored with fantastical feelings. What we think we see could actually be an illusion. Makes you wonder what is real and what is not.

Tired of swimming in circles in shallow water? The moon has just joined Saturn in Scorpio for a weekend spell, so don’t be afraid to go off the deep end. Take a big breath. Submerge.

travel trouble and tip tomfoolery [mercury retrograde]

My car’s name is Bryce. Yes, he is a boy (some cars are boys, get over it). In car years, Bryce is a little old. He’s a 2002 Hyundai Elantra GT. We just celebrated (that was a lie) his 10th birthday. Bryce is technically my mom’s car, but since she upgraded to a Honda Pilot, I have been driving him. He’s been mine for about four years now.

nick bryce

Every so often, Bryce breaks. For the better part of our relationship, I’ve been out of state, away at school. When I did come home it would be for weekends, short breaks, and extended vacations, and I’ll admit to neglecting his needs. Bryce’s body bears the brunt of my negligence. Most recently, the stiff steering wheel was almost impossible to turn, and the heat was blasting icicles. Eventually the steering wheel locked and the battery gave out. Bryce hiccupped his way into the Payless parking lot for an impromptu slumber party. As of yesterday, my baby Bryce is in the shop, awaiting his diagnosis and subsequent prognosis. In this instance, he began acting up a few days ago, less than a week after Mercury went retrograde.

Mercury is the messenger, and rules over travel. Whereas gigantic Jupiter oversees long distance journeys, Mercury prefers short day trips around the neighborhood and nearby surrounding area. Planets appear to move backward when retrograde, and symbolically, the energy of the planet is redirected inward. If you realize the route you’ve been taking is leading you in the wrong direction, don’t worry – you are not alone. And there’s nothing wrong with a little realization.

Retrograde Mercury in Pisces, in particular, is a period of mental reflection on a deeply subconscious level. Because we’re so lost in our own dreamy world of poetic abstractions, it may be hard to make a point. Pisces is known to cause confusion. When Pisces is paired with the planet of communication and cognition, don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in translation. Whatever isn’t verbally comprehended, however, will be felt emotionally. Mercury in Pisces’ psychic awareness is introverted when retrograde, which could provide a newfound understanding of self-sabotaging thought patterns that were previously hidden in the most obscure, isolated recesses of the unconscious.

Commerce falls under Mercury’s domain, and I definitely felt the retrograde at my (potential) job (still training, technically) yesterday. Selling memberships is a big focus at the spa, almost as important as providing great service. I closed by myself for the first time last night, and I had the pleasure of dealing with misdirected aggression of confused clients (in store and on phone) and the frustrating after-effects of an apparently experimental new method of tip distribution. My boss had to come back and make some damage control phone calls. Because of the tip tomfoolery, one of the drawers was way off and we spent an hour trying to figure out why the register went awry. To top it all off, I forgot to clock out on the computer. Did I mention Mercury rules technology? Happy Retrograde!

sun [pisces]



The water bearer poured all of his water into a stream. In this stream, two fish dream of swimming simultaneously in two different directions. Like mirrored reflections or something like that.

This is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac. This is Pisces.

moving forward [all planets direct]

If you’re anything like me, the past few months have been challenging. Plans were derailed and lives were changed, forcing us to take timeout to reflect on our setbacks. There is a lesson in every opposition, but that doesn’t always matter in the moment. Sometimes it just sucks.

It has sucked a lot less since Jupiter [in Gemini] went direct on January 30th. Jupiter was the last of 2012’s retrograde planets, and for a rare couple of weeks, all the planets are direct. All the energy that was temporarily introverted is free to flow again, just the way we want it. This is an ideal time to initiate a project, commit to a relationship, or make an important decision, as there is nothing holding us back. Move forward, now.


Saturn turns retrograde on February 18, so do what you gotta do.