the actor vs. the character [poetry]

(If you like this, check out my first [self-published] book of poetry, Fraction of Paradise.)


it is unforgivable what i have allowed myself to forget

but i admit it had to be done

for the sake of some unwritten rule

that i never agreed to

for some treaty that i never signed

i left myself behind

to stand idly by and watch helplessly

the perilous saga of the actor vs. the character

i never forget my lines

but for the life of me

i cannot seem to recall my objective


star studded sunday [poetry]

(If you like this, check out my first (self-published) book of poetry, Fraction of Paradise.)

If birds can chirp to wake the world

From a reality drenched in dreams and lies

Be amazed by the fantasy of every story told

Every author of everything we have ever known

Is waiting for our resolution

Our realization that they could never do it alone

Estranged lovers become strangers

While others plunge into deep, dark oceans

That wane and wax poetically

Incessantly anticipating the reunion of the gods

Hoping the Titans won’t clash

When they meet each other more than half way

The sun hears the footsteps of a gentle moon

A son is the product of an empty womb

That has come full circle on this star studded Sunday