mars direct in libra: collaboration indignation [#StarsAndSymbols]

i meant to post this thing on monday, but sometimes it’s good to wait.

good news for those who have grown tired of holding their horses. mars, god of war and our astrological impulse to do something, resumed direct motion earlier this week. since march, mars has apparently been moving backward in an earthbound optical illusion we call a retrograde. the function of mars is inverted when it is retrograde so that instead of pursuing our conquests directly, we choose to reflect and deliberate and even take a step back to assess the best method of attack, perhaps as a result of self-doubt. there is no problem with thinking before we act, but when instincts are not honored as urgently as they arise, we risk missing out on the moment and remaining in a place of immobility. in the words of every madonna song (seriously, she’s lyrically impatient), “no hesitating!”

with mars retrograde in libra, the probability of us getting stuck on fences is exacerbated. mars rules aries, libra’s polar opposite sign, so mars in libra feels relatively uncomfortable expressing its passionately aggressive desires as our energy is focused on striking a pleasant balance with our peers. for the past few months, many of us have felt agitated by people we consider equals (lovers, friends, business partners, open enemies), and while disagreements have forced us to accost our issues other people, mars’ retrograde motion in addition to libra’s influence suggests a facade of niceness that has masked the outburst of the contemptuous feelings that have been smoldering just below the surface. in other words, because of retrograde mars’ debilitation in the sign of the scales, it is likely that passive aggression has won out over the direct expression of anger. ready to explode?


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3/30/14: relinquishing resentment [#MyBestWeek]

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eyes avert. conversation ceases. the air is uneasy. this is that awkward moment when we walk into a room, overcome by the feeling that someone was just talking about us. neptune is our connection to the collective unconscious, aka the stuff we all know that sometimes goes unnoticed as it exists a right below the realm of our awareness. it is up to us to tune into the spiritual world, and although the vibrations are not physically tangible, the impressions they leave are undeniable. deceitful delusions and self-defeating confusion can be avoided by purging our energy bodies of all that we have absorbed.

the atmosphere as of late may have been aggressive as indicated by aries. as the first sign of the zodiac, the ram is quick to get fired up. tempers flare and impulses are acted upon. there is not turning back once the move is made, so we must be brave enough to confront our fears head on. sometimes we charge too hard, and while it is best not to dwell, anger swells as a results of bruised egos and it becomes a challenge to let go of what hurts. when we become so distracted by the painful disillusionment of combat that we lose our sense of self, we must meditate on the meaning of forgiveness.

our relationships are affected when we don’t set aside time to get ourselves together. the 7th house represents the astrological other, and it is impossible to be a pure-hearted partner if we are too preoccupied with the bitterness of our hidden indignation. it is not fair to the people we care about to harbor hate when we relate to them. the fair thing to do would be to relinquish the resentment and reestablish harmony.


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my best week: 3/23/14 [#StarsAndSymbols]

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there is a lot of work to be done this week before we can consider ourselves accomplished. to make life a little easier, saturn says we concentrate on what matters most. ambition is excellent but it takes disciplined organization to materialize greatness. we are not bound to dedicating our time to that which is not worthy.

it is our job to be orderly and the first step is to identify priority number 1. we all have goals, but which is the most urgent and why? this certainty will help us to channel the force of our being constructively. aries is action, but it is in our best interest this week to plot our steps strategically rather than rashly acting on impulse instead of staying on task.

a balanced approach makes everything seem a lot less tedious. instead of trying unsuccessfully to swallow a whole sandwich on our 30 minute lunch break, let’s take small bites and chew steadily so that the flavor is savored with time enough to make it back to that oh-so-important office meeting! while there may be a lot to do in the 7th House, it is never to be done all at once nor all alone (why not share half of the sandwich with a hungry coworker?). a little here, a little there, and our mission will be accomplished without the unnecessary exhaustion.


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the ides of march: virgo full moon [#StarsAndSymbols]

“beware the ides of march.”

“what’s that?”

“did you read julius caesar?”


“me neither. but today’s march 15, the day caesar was stabbed in the back by his best friend.”

Vincenzo Camuccini, "Morte di Cesare", 1798,

i don’t know if that’s entirely accurate or just a loose interpretation of an age old literary classic. like a game of telephone, things get lost in translation. regardless of who he was killed, he is still dead, and thus the legend remains. despite our interpersonal melodramas, i doubt many of us are being literally backstabbed on this fine day, so why not frame this warning a little differently? Continue reading

pouring libations: mercury in pisces [astroloco]

Three years ago today, my maternal grandmother was killed in a car accident. The loss of my granny (I called her granny) showed me that everyone deals with death differently, on their own time. Death for me is tricky, because I’m not comfortable with open, unpredictable displays of emotion. Death, especially it happens so unexpectedly, is a trigger for all types of emotions. My method of coping is to remember her spirit. She was down to earth with a great love of life. When I think of my granny, I think of her sense of humor. She was very playful.

Last time I talked to her, I told her I would stop by her new apartment and visit her next time I was home from school. She was right there with me when I moved into my freshmen dorm on 55th street, providing me with a proud, enthusiastic send-off. I came back home for Spring Break expecting to see her at some point that week. I did not expect to see her the next week, lying in a casket.

Last week, I attended another funeral, that of my maternal great-grandmother, Grandmom Betty. This time we were a little more prepared. She was 80-something, and had just fallen terminally ill. Last month when my granddad was in town, he asked me to help watch his mother while he stepped out. I was a little nervous, as I am not used to taking care of people, especially elderly people. Besides, I wasn’t as close to Grandmom Betty as some of my cousins, so I was worried she wouldn’t recognize me. After missing out on the chance to see my granny as I promised, I decided to spend some time with the matriarch of my mother’s family.

She didn’t recognize me. My cousin Roxanne told me at her funeral. “Who was that?” Grandmom Betty asked.

“That’s Nichole’s son, Nicholas.” Roxanne told her. Her face lit up. She remembered.

Mercury is in Pisces. Mercury, the messenger, represents our thought patterns as shaped by the people in our daily environment, such as immediate family members. Pisces, the fish, represents loss, surrender, and other karmic endings. Today, with Mercury in Pisces, I choose to remember and honor my ancestors. In my own way. In my own time.


I’m interested in creating new ways of celebrating the life of my late loved ones. Something completely unique and festive. Energy never dies, so these people are always with us. Life is transition, and I choose to embrace that.

Now, I am going to research how to pour a libation.

equality, partnership, and gay marriage: full moon in libra [astroloco]

What is marriage? That is the question many have been asking for years. Yesterday, the Surpreme Court began two days of arguments regarding the hot topic of marriage equality for the LGBTQ community. It looks like those in question are on the edge of some much-needed clarity.

Libra is the sign of partnership and marriage. With today’s Full Moon in Libra (opposing the Sun in bold, trailblazing Aries), relationships of all kinds are being illuminated. The illumination of the Full Moon leads to all types of revelations, discoveries and sudden shifts in consciousness, as we are able to see growth in the seeds we have previously planted. The moon is the archetypal mother, and when she’s full, it’s like she’s giving birth. The Full Moon is a culmination of sorts.

After years of fighting for civil rights, the LGBTQ community and heterosexual supporters of gay marriage are nearing the moment of truth. Is it any coincidence that the final stretch of this uphill battle began the day before the Libra Full Moon? Fortunately, Libra also represents compromise, equality, and justice, so maybe the government will play nice and put an end to the ban on same-sex marriage.


Whether you’re for or against gay marriage, one thing is for sure; your definition of marriage will never be the same. Gay, straight, or other, relationships as we know them are being redefined as we progress into a new age. While it seems most people are spending their Libra Full Moon celebrating a highly anticipated change, some others will undoubtedly find themselves stuck, asking the question, “What is marriage?

full moon [libra]

(March 27, 2013 @ 5:28 AM)

Autonomy, diplomacy, conflict (resolution)

Have you been charging headfirst into matters without proper deliberation?Have you alienated other people with your aggressive impulses? Have the projects you’ve initiated failed to attract interest?

“Actively inspire others as a leader by being balanced and considerate.”